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“Listen, you ungrateful little brat. You’ll never make it alone out there. You hear me?”


Those were harsh words to hear when you’re 12 years old.

But young Morris had heard a lot worse from his dad.

It all started on a scorching day of August 1920, at a small farm in Cherry Creek, Idaho.

On that day, Morris was still carefree. He was playing “cops and robbers” with the neighbor’s kids, without a worry in this world.

Little did he know, but that would be the last day of his childhood…

“Come here, boy! Fast!” he heard his father shout. “Something’s wrong with your mom.”

Morris dashed to the shabby farmhouse. His mom had collapsed on the floor. No one knew why. And after a short and cruel illness, she left this world.

For the little boy, it all came crashing down. His mom had been the only one who had cared for him. She was gone. And now, his father wanted to talk.

“Your mom’s no longer here to save your skin, buster.” “It’s time you started pulling your weight around here”.

Morris knew very well what that meant. He wasn’t afraid of hard work. But he was terrified of having to slave away for this terrible man. He didn’t want to depend on anyone. . . Watch the whole story in the video below:


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