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BREAKING:Very Bright Fireball Caught On Camera Over Texas – Sonic Boom Reported

A very bright meteor was caught on camera over Texas at 03:25 UTC on November 16 (21:25 CDT, November 15). The object was seen for about 3 to 7 seconds and was followed by a sonic boom.

It was primarily seen from Texas but was also seen from Louisiana and Oklahoma, the American Meteor Society said.

They have so far received 95 reports. 9 people said they heard delayed sound and 6 concurrent. 11 reported fragmentation.

Some of the reports mention the windows-rattling sonic boom. The whole sky in the area of Granada Hills in Southwest Austin, Hamilton Pool road and Wimberly was lit up, another witness said.

Witness location and estimated ground trajectory

Even SWAT Teams are Helpless Against This… VIDEO

Trajectory:The preliminary 3D trajectory computed based on all the reports submitted to the AMS shows that the Fireball was traveling from East to West and ended its flight somewhere South East of Johnson City, TX.

Source: YouTube- AMS Fireball Event#2018-4922  AMS event #4922-2018

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