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100 years ago, Romania managed to fulfill one of its greatest dreams – to unite all the provinces where the Romanians were in the majority with the Romanian Kingdom of the time. And this moment remained in history as the Great Union of 1918.

Romania is the largest Balkan country and it has a strongly globalized and integrated economy. Romania is a staunch supporter of regional countries heading towards European integration. In Romanian History the Great Union of 1918 is the most historic day and is also known as Romanian National Day .

Approximately 4,000 servicemen and specialists of the Ministry of National Affairs (MApN), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Protection and Security Service (SPP) and the National Penitentiary Administration, along 200 military vehicles and 50 aircraft, with 500 foreign servicemen from allied or partner countries among them, will participate on Saturday, in the Military Parade organized on the occasion of the National Day of Romania in the Arch of Triumph Square in Bucharest.

According to the MApN, the detachments of foreign servicemen will come from Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechia, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Moldova, Slovakia, the United States of America, Turkey and Ukraine.

During the playing of the anthem of Romania a 21-gun salute will be executed.

“Similar activities will take place in the major garrisons in the country, with the participation of the representatives of the Romanian Army, as well as in the theaters of operations where Romanian servicemen are deployed. On the occasion of December 1, the National Flag will be hoisted in all the military institutions in the country and all maritime and river ships will be dressed overall,” the release mentions.

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