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Prince Clone vs Prince Charles: Doubles, Clones, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI (video)

WHY do you think Prince Harry and Megan had to fuck off? They knew what was coming. They knew what their family was guilty off.

It’s being reported that many public figures have been replaced by stand inclones/doubles these days. According to ZetaTalk these Military Tribunals have been running in the US since the start of 2019, authorized by President Trump’s Executive Order. Issues such as treason and crimes against humanity fall under the military purview and allow for a speedy trial in secrecy, commonly resulting in executions or lengthy stays at GITMO.

The Executed: Clones/Doubles
Now that we are clear human cloning is very real, we can take a look at a few of the most obvious public figure clones/doubles. These people are merely place holders until the public has awoken enough for full disclosure and declassification of their disgusting crimes against humanity. We have to consider that any of the following could be clones, doubles, actors, transvestites hiding in plain sight, holographic, or CGI.

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle

Bill & Melinda Gates

Bill Gates


Melinda Gates

Justin Trudeau

George Soros

Also: Crimes Against Humanity, List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – This Revolution Will Not be Televised!

Mark Zuckerberg

Anthony Fauci

Joe Biden

Reference: This Secret Ancient Japanese Tonic Recipe Will Help You Melts 54 LBS Of Fat. Watch the video below:


Hunter Biden

Kamala Harris

Barack Obama

Also: List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Hillary Clinton



 Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

Here is an example of CGI Holographics deployed in the following video for the executed Pope Francis:

John Podesta

Boris Johnson

Angela Merkel

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Also: Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners – Official Documents

Mike Pence

Jared Kushner

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ilhan Omar

Rashida Tlaib

Nancy Pelosi

Bernie Sanders

Adam Schiff

Jerrold Nadler

John O. Brennan

John Kerry

James Comey

George W. Bush

Jeb Bush

Maxine Waters

Tom Hanks

Don Lemon

Marina Abramović

Jeffrey Epstein


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D. C. Hammell February 28, 2021 at 3:28 am

If people have been executed, what happened to their remains? If assets were confiscated, there should be records of the transfer. There are backdoor ways to determine what happened to people…if anything. Have any efforts been made?

Tony Down March 25, 2021 at 8:39 pm

They opened a new “Garden” at Gitmo it is called emoh wen etats peed Which when read from back to front comes out as “Deep State New Home” Garden.

QisQrazy May 21, 2021 at 1:00 am


bin March 1, 2021 at 4:19 pm

Do you think that some of these who don’t look very different may look different according to when they last had adrenochrome?

Private March 3, 2021 at 9:48 pm

This is stupid, people look different at different ages and different angles. Could also just be photoshop. No concrete evidence.

Kevin April 9, 2021 at 2:13 pm

Not bad try but I am seing myself look different depens on lightinf and any hues also reflection and contrast plus results of the night before results look older due to dehidration creates more wrinles and hair lenth or even shot angle can destort and create illusions of face legth andd thus older and it goe on. you were comparing differng angles to make comparisons cant do!
Also as tissue ages and dehydrates we lose ols and things including face heads south changing things as muscles also deteriorate the whole face structure is out of whack. Many of the persons undoubtedly guiltyare aging and can turn within a few short years as aging moves in. I also think the comment on how long since the last Adrenal chrome hit as it from things I have noted does perk a person up in all its a serios job and a big scandal no one needs to be proven wrong when Conspiracy Theorists are in open season and hunted for telling the truth so each of our credentials and credability isvital to not be pushing sloppy facts or not having consideredall the facts or possible reasons. Additionally one being branded these very sick, serious and socially repugnant names or actions takenm that make them a guilty offender need to be stuck to ones name and image for ever as repulsive need to be done with good sound undisputed evidense, We may not like nor stand a person who may have been ones life long Celine Dion (My human greyhound) but it only makes her my idea of horror but it does not make her a what ever, if your wrong there are some braands no one deserves to suffer under falsely as some brands have a expected action most will take guilty or not some are sentenses many just cant live with even if your innocent as the results are hell. Lets work to be right and up the stats of theories that ended up true not victimes of histerical mentally unwell conspoitacy theorists taking lives through delusional disturbed troublle makers. Freedom of speach is gone but the truth you can always speak!


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