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Deep State Religion – Dark Occult Disclosure | Inside the Rothschild “Illuminati Ball”

The “Illuminati Ball” New Year’s Eve was all about mock sacrifices, cannibalism, and occult rituals – all made to be as sexy as possible.

On December 31st , over 800 guests rang in the new year at an occult-elite-themed “Illuminati Ball” in New York City. Heavily inspired by the infamous masked ball held by Baroness de Rothschild in 1972, the Illuminati ball featured dark rituals, faux human sacrifices and Illuminati “leaders” in ornate animal masks. The event also featured elements from Eyes Wide Shut as masked guests witnessed performances that mixed eroticism with esoteric rituals.

Not unlike actual Illuminati balls held by the occult elite, the event took place inside a sumptuous building: The Weylin in Brooklyn, New York.

The Weylin, NYC

Upon arrival, guests selected a mask from the Masking Room and were then lead to the Domed Ballroom, where they were welcomed by “Baron de Rothschild,” a.k.a. the Pig King.

The Pig King.

The Pig King stands in a circle of cloaked women – a performance inspired by the orgy scenes in Eyes Wide Shut.

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Accompanying the Pig King was his pregnant wife, the “Baroness de Rothschild,” who at one point gives birth to a bizarre creature.

The pregnant Baroness gives birth to a pig in a gimp mask.

Both hosts were dressed like the Baron and the Baroness de Rothschild at their infamous 1972 ball.

Throughout the night, rituals and “initiations” took place in the many rooms and floors of the building under various themes such as wealth, love, basic needs, fame, and respect.

Some “rituals” involved water in something resembling a mock-baptism.

Lots of blindfolding going on.

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Kamadhenu the cow goddess and her four maidens walked around as guests milked them and tasted their milk.

Of course, no elite-themed event would be complete without a celebration of cannibalism.

The event included a human “cake” — with a model’s face, hands and feet sticking out of a body-shaped dessert.

Weird fact: The rapper Prodigy of the group Mobb Deep was apparently a big fan of previous Illuminati parties.

Throughout his career, Prodigy wrote several songs about the Illuminati and other secret society-related topics. He also wrote a song especially to promote the Illuminati Ball event, which was used in the event’s promotional video. Prodigy died in 2017 due to “accidental choking”.

The official website of the event states:

The most thrilling, surreal, unique and immersive New Year’s Eve masquerade ball in the world.

Indulge in a surreal and unforgettable experience this New Year’s Eve where you’ll be led through an exploration of the myth and mystery of the Illuminati by sirens and sailors, mermaids and sacred cows, barons and baronesses.

Explore your deepest desires with daring aerial, fearless fire, and provocative dance and interactive experiences unfolding continuously throughout three sprawling floors in a massive, stunning monument to wealth and prosperity, Weylin.

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The site’s FAQ contains some interesting information.

Are we really being considered for the Illuminati?
No. This is an immersive theater production about the Illuminati. We endeavor to enlighten and entertain you.

Is this a sex party?
No. The evening will be decadent and sensual and the show will contain some nudity, but this is absolutely not a sex party.

Are you worshipping the devil?
Absolutely not! We are not worshipping the devil. We are not sacrificing anyone — or anything. We are peace loving people who believe in nature and positivity. We want people to find the path to their dreams within themselves and treat all living beings with kindness.

Although the organizers state that the event has nothing to do with the occult and “devil worshiping”, symbols projected at the party were about the occult and the devil. The big yellow inverted star is the symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star – the official “female” appendage of Freemasonry. At the top right is 666 fashioned in a circular shape. At the bottom left is the sigil of Lucifer.

The website also contains a weird “Commandments” tab which is about the Georgia Guidestones.


The organizers appear to be great fans of the Guidestones which were created by the occult elite.


The Organizer

Cynthia von Buhler

The event was organized by Cynthia von Buhler – an artist who is mostly known for her work as an author and illustrator for children’s books. In 2001 von Buhler was commissioned by Steven Spielberg to illustrate Martha Stewart’s story for Once Upon A Fairy Tale (Viking).

However, most of von Buhler’s other creations, which include paintings, sculptures and “immersive theatre” are far from children friendly.

Several von Buhler creations are rife with Monarch Programming symbolism such as this painting.

Pure Monarch programming.

A woman kissing a horned man with a butterfly over her genitals. The words “I’m no angel” are printed throughout. Monarch programming.

In Conclusion
The Illuminati Ball is very similar to the UNICEF Masked Ball. Both were inspired by the Rothschilds and both attracted well-to-do individuals in a watered-down version of occult elite rituals. Like children who “play house” while pretending to be grown-ups, the guests of these parties took part in mock sacrifices, cannibalism, and occult rituals t elite.

I guess that the next step would be to actually sacrifice children, eat actual humans and performs black magic rituals for maximum magical potential. Because that’s what these things are actually about.

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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

The Deep State and dark occult forces of this world are required by spiritual law to disclose their activities to the public. One of the ways they do this is through public pageants and performances. Although the profane or uninitiated masses often dismiss these events as nothing more than eccentric activities of the ultra-wealthy, those who are familiar with the symbolism, agenda, activities, and religious beliefs of the dark occult see these events for what they truly are. 

The preceding article raises awareness about the dark occult, giving those brave enough to investigate these things the information they need to better understand the nature and methods of the powers that be. With this knowledge in hand, an effort to unify the morally active population can take place for the purpose of freeing the masses from the yoke of the dark occult.




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