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Military Intelligence Intercepted The Deep State 16 Year Plan to Destroy America – 8 Years of Obama, Then 8 Years Hillary (video)

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What if? It was all stealth. It was FISA.

Military Intelligence intercepted the Deep State 16 year plan to destroy America. 8 years of Obama, then 8 years Hillary.

White-Hats needed someone loyal for the role of president during this operation. After approving certain clearances, the Military installed Trump into the RNC.

Think about that for a second: Military. Installed. Trump. The 2016 Election was rigged for Hillary. The Media was complicit. Algorithms weren’t strong enough to give her the win.

White Hats controlled the election to give the people a fair vote. There was no way Trump could’ve won without this happening. That’s why they were SHOCKED when she lost. That’s why they didn’t cover their tracks. They never thought she would lose.

► Exposed: The Darkest Secret of Trump’s Presidency. . .video below:

Obama used FISA courts to secretly spy on Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election. It was the worst decision ever. He literally opened the door to EVERYTHING, by giving Trump the playbook for the next 4 years.

FISA = Start. US Military has it all.
That is why it looks like “nothing happened” for the last 4 years. It was all in the dark. It looks like these people will get away with all their crimes.

They will not.
Trump and our military have been dismantling this web of criminals all in the dark. Top levels of corruption are under control. We had to let them complete their crimes in order to charge them to the fullest extent under the rule of law at a tribunal.

The election was a trap.
Trump ran uncontested. An Election Monitoring (Surveillance) System was installed by the US Cyber Command, Space Force, and the Shadow Warriors of the Cyber Brigade.

Soon we will see the real numbers.
Every part of this operation is strategically planned. Not everything will be clean. But there is no escaping it.
That is why congress did everything they could to remove Trump before he was even inaugurated, with zero success.

Also: Obama’s Legal Weapons Of Mass Distraction – JFK Jr. How Long Has This Been Going On?

He is untouchable.
It may look like he is gone from the public eye, but in reality this needed to happen.
Now that he is completely out of the picture, and with the public thinking Biden has full control, the military will soon be able to announce the takeover.

The media was left in the dark.
They are just trying to delay the military from making their next move. Everything on TV in politics right now is fake, and holds no legal standing.

Define: [Self Destruction]
They have been left in the dark during all this, which is explains all the blatant lies and desperation.
They try to make Trumps administration look like they are weak.

Don’t forget,
Barr is a Patriot working behind the scenes. Anything stating otherwise is completely false. Durham is a Patriot burning the midnight oil. He will get the job done. Along with hundreds of others working behind the scenes to take down the establishment.

There are more good than bad.
Stealth Bombers.
Military Operation.
Shadow War.
Dark to Light. ” Meanwhile, we have much work to do to fix the timeline and save humanity”

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Source: Global News Journal

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RussZilla November 9, 2021 at 5:03 pm

Interesting article, well written and with much to consider. On the status of Bill Barr I am most curious. I don’t believe everything I hear about him, i.e., that he is dead. I hope he is alive and still a white hat. This movie has gone on for a long time, and I hope he is one of the good guys.

Stop it November 17, 2021 at 12:17 pm

Obama had blanket pardoned some bad players and bad governors like Cuomo had pardoned some more whobar3 committing atrocities. This requires catching them in committing further crimes and treasonous activities to clear out the swamp lot of them without having key holdovers abscond. They are set up to be caught and taken out by government devolution that is ongoing in this information war. The people listening to mainstream media have no clue because they are fed a constant diet of distraction and false narrative designed to keep them under a delusion and control of their enemy infiltrators. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

God offers life and an abundance of life eternal in his kingdom and ever extends his forgiveness if only people would turn from their evil course heading to destruction as urges all to turn, turn to him in their hearts and accept his forgiveness and choose life. He’s calling sincere ones all to come out of the false constructs of worship and come to him in truth and in his spirit for his people perish by lack of knowledge of him. The final warning is being given to the world along with his invitation as their cup of iniquities is being filled to the brim. Because in reality, a man reaps what he sows. By ones own free will choices ones char@cater is formed and it defines which side they will serve in this last stand.
He says if you hear His call today upon your heart and mind, don’t harden your heart. It isn’t His will that any should perish. But, turn to him in repentance. Most of the cabal have made a deal with the devil for their prestigious positions of power and wealth and sworn their allegiance to the satanic Luciferian enemy of God in this spiritual war which is a coup d’états against God using proxies, false propaganda, deception, misleading narratives and entrapment while stalking the young children and youths, elderly and most vulnerable from the behind the backs of the men, parents and guardians. The elderly were killed off in nursing homes by the Nazi gangster governors. They using the vacks as a bio weapon to sterilize a generation and eliminate much of the population that the cabal cannot easily control as their enslavement plan has been put forward using Codid to institute the great reset for the Nazi Wold Oder, NWO, globalist distopia through eugenics is manifested for the elite oligarchs totalitarian fascists commie Nazi 4th Reicht of a thousand years. It isn’t l’y likely to last a month once the restraining power of the constitution of the USA is overcome by their hackboors trampling it in lawlessness and corrupt judges left in place for the very purpose. .

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