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Warning: Graphic Content – Uncovered: Panda Eyes; Another Mystery In Satanic Child Abuse Resolved

What are Panda eyes? Why pandas with all-black eyes are interesting to pedophiles?

Apart from pedophile’s symbolism, officially warned on the FBI’s website which includes code words and signs, the rest are to be LEARNED with experience.

Some symbolism has gone viral and became known to many but some remained obscure as there was not enough evidence to offer an instant and official decipher.

It is crucial to learn the symbolism but it is yet more fundamental to recognize the real decoders and don’t get stuck in guessing games and accusing people as they will immediately be debunked and discredit the messenger.

Here we try to illustrate some symbolism which has been less discussed. Upon encountering these signs in an Instagram profile or a website page, we should immediately be alarmed and look for more indications.

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If the case includes other significant known-signs, then the owner of the page or close friends should be watched closely and reported to the FBI.

When in Oct 2016, Jimmy Comet AKA James Alefantis references to pizza pasta and more broke the internet through Julian Assange’s sacrifice for humanity, almost all symbolism and references were chewed and spew on the table on an international level.

And this was what I made at the time as I couldn’t extend the “panda cumhole” written in comment section above to anything other than sodomizing little toddlers.

So when I found this I was alarmed but couldn’t prove anything unless it is accompanied by other alarming signs which in this case it was not. So we let it pass.

“Noëlle… Our ignorance is their power”@opusfocus sent me these pictures.

And boom! The veil fell off. This innocent little angel and his/her eyes is the confirmation.

There are people to do this to children and not only. These kids are first sodomized, beaten, tortured before given black eyes only to form a panda face that for any evil reason is interesting to them when their eyes are black and the rest of their face is covered with their disgusting white substance.

So I look in the urban dictionary and see:

And I look back to other posts by Jimmy Comet AKA James Alefantis and this caught my eyes when back at the time was completely meaningless to me.

But now I understand the meaning of this comment section while in 2016, I couldn’t. One of these predators says:
“Werking (working) on a male night cheese” (FBI code word for little boys) while the other says “cumming and izzle (used by pimps) this tle (little) like this (the panda face)” which refers to covering the face of the child with semen while giving them black eyes after torture, fist and sodomizing.

Not yet recovered from the above picture of the toddler, my friend @LanieWalters emailed me a set of pictures that pierced my soul. This little girl is another victim of this evil. It is not clear whether the child is a victim of a gang or her parents/caretakers, but she is clearly in the care of abusers.

Attention: This Is a Symbol of The United States and Now Is The Time To Get It!

This is no art and nobody can say the goal of creating this style, atmosphere, and design has been an artistic scene. When the scene is abusive, behind the scene has been abusive too.

That’s why all people involved in child pornography, snuff, and abuse movies are prosecuted.

During the movie-making process, the child is under mental and physical abuse.

A terrified child with panda eyes, dirty mouth (very symbolic) in a bloodbath (highly symbolic), probably preparing the child for a witch hunt or a bloody ritual.

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Punished, symbolism for humans in real cages, kids in cages, imprisoned, malnourished, and ignored before starting the real punishment and abuse.

Pregnant child, breeding.

And these are what I found on the same page where these pictures have been taken: Sevasevol.blogspot.com

Lourdes Leite’s art

Child predators in a wolf’s clothing. Everything has meaning in this type of art.

Monica Piloni’s art. (I blurred the photos)

Giacomo Carmagnola

And the famous Biljana Djurdjevic

And this goes forever…

May God save those little souls in Jesus Name, my Lord, my King, and my Savior. Amen.

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bubba October 5, 2021 at 12:56 pm

It is hard to imagine a world where this would be ok. But then we are there some in our society DO believe it is ok to treat SOME people in this way. I ask you …. What is the solution in a physical world?
What is the solution in a spiritual world? I see war everywhere in Heaven and on the earth ,I see Christ’s return to the physical world soon as the solution .

Heather Duncan October 8, 2021 at 4:38 am

I agree with you 100% bubba, these things that are being done to children are terrible. Us Normal people are just finding out out how some people are so evil, We tend to want to blame ourselves, but many things that other people do are out of our control. I’m so glad this is being brought to our attention so we know. Remember in the end, everything will be justified though God.


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