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CONFIRMED: Area 51 PlayStation Game From 2005 Has the Entire Covid-19 Plot Laid Out Verbatim [2 min video]

I thought this had to be bunk so I set out to prove it wrong, only to find the complete set of “secrets” that say this and ten times more.

The entire plot is there, including chips in a DNA vax launched as a result of the New World Order attempting to get the world population to submit to a global government.

The few clips in the video below are only part of the story, I found the rest of the clips from the game and they lay out the ENTIRE PLOT we are going through now.

They HAVE TO tell us what they are going to do to us as part of “the deal” which, if we accept it, makes us willing accomplices (sic) in our own demise. Watch this video below.

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It’s only 5 megs worth, all the clips that lay out every last detail of what is happening NOW take 46 megs which I cannot serve to everyone from here. It is on the voterig server if you can guess your way to it…

No doubt this is going into the censor bin as soon as big tech figures out people discovered this. I have embedded a short version here.

This has to be the actual plot, because the CDC and WHO are called out specifically as helping the plot, and Sony would have been sued for this if it was not provably true.


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