Footage of a FEMA Camp Within Texas! A Complete List for Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona

Is the footage in the video a future FEMA camp in Texas? Many will quickly deduce that the property is a former prison, however it has all the trademark signs of a FEMA camp. Along with fencing, many are equipped with electronically operated turnstile guard entrance(s) as the only means to get into the gated sections.

Cameras can also be seen watching closely over the supposedly abandoned sites, and wind socks have been placed anticipating the arrival of helicopters.

Many of the “abandoned sites” are covered in more detail is posts like, FEMA Concentration Camps Disguised As Shopping Malls Being Built Everywhere, and 13 States Is Using For His Nefarious Secret Agenda. For now, the footage discovered below of a FEMA Camp in Texas should sufficiently paint the picture.

NOTE: In the event of Martial Law, designated liaisons are appointed to scope out locations that can be easily converted… and if this footage is already on Federal land… I think it’s safe to say it’s a FEMA camp in waiting.

Over the last ten years, there have been over 800 prison camps discovered by American patriots. These Fema camps locations are fully stocked and ready to have prisoners shipped off to them. It has been very hard to find these locations because they are staffed with armed guards.

The “official” story behind the prison camps is that FEMA is building them to get ready for a earthquake. This is a complete lie! These camps will be used once martial law is implemented in our country. It would only take the president or one of his many followers to put your name on a secret list.

Is this legal?

This action would be completely legal because of the Rex 84 program which was created to house a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens. These people would be rounded up by the National Guard and taken to detention centres. Rex 84 allows military bases to be “closed down” and turned into detention centres. Do you see anything wrong with this?

In 2015 there have been two more secret bills passed by Obama, operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot which will also be enacted with Rex 88. What do these bills do? Operation Cable Splicer is a bill that will allow the federal government to take over control of states from their local governments. In the bill, FEMA is given the authority to oversee the operation which means it will be the executive hand controlling the populace once martial law is declared.

This is very scary news because this executive order has already been listed as part of legal framework, which means that it can be declared at anytime.


How will we be taken to the camps?

A question that most people ask is how we (the American people) will be taken to these Fema camps locations. The answer can easily be found by looking at the infrastructure near the camps. You will see that all the fema camps have railroads connecting up with each other. They also have recently created highways leading directly to each detention facility.

Where are the largest camps?

The largest fema camps often have airports nearby and can hold over 20 000 people. While we still haven’t found all the camps yet, the largest camp we have found is just outside Fairbanks, Alaska which can hold up to 60 000 prisoners. We have been told that this facility is just a mental health centre however no one enters or leaves.

What executive orders has Obama passed?

Everyone knows that Obama has been secretly passing executive orders which will allow him to control the government as a dictator. These executive orders will allow Obama to suspend the constitution. These executive order was created only five years ago and will allow him to suspend the Bill Of Rights with just a stroke of a pen!

Massive FEMA Death Camp With Graves Discovered In Houston


Here is a list of the executive orders.

Source: Click here to see this images source.


FEMA camps locations

I have listed all the FEMA camps that have been found over the last ten years. If you don’t see your town or city in this list, it may be because we haven’t found the camp yet!


Talladega – Prison complex

Maxwell AFB – A civilian detention centre that was created under operation Garden Plot. This camp has a full time staff and has a very small “prisoner” population

Opelika – This is a military command centre which is located very near the town of Aliceville.

Aliceville – This is a WWII German POW camp and currently has a capacity of around 30 000.

Fort. Mcclellan – This camp is located at the side of the town which is opposite from the military depot.

»»» Even SWAT Teams are Helpless Against This


Eielson AFB – This camp is a part of the Operation Garden Plot program and is a small facility located near Eielson AFB. It can hold around 10 000 inmates.

Ft. Wainwright, just east of Fairbanks – This camp does not have any roads and can only be reached with railroad. This is the camp where they will likely store high risk patriots who have been captured.


Promal County, near the Gila River – This camp was once a WW2 German detention center and has recently been renovated.

Ft. Huachuca, 10 miles from the border – This camp is part of the Rex 84 program and has recently been renovated.

Phoenix, Federal prison – This camp has a capacity for over 5 000 prisoners and is currently used to house median security prisoners.

Wickenburg – This camp has an airport and will likely be used as a staging point for high risk prisoners. Its total capacity is not yet known.

This video shows a FEMA camp within Texas.


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