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Red Alert: Russia Moving Almost Entire Eastern Military District West Toward Kazakhstan and Ukraine (video)

An utterly MASSIVE movement of troops and heavy armor is underway from eastern Russia Sunday. At least four gigantic trainloads of armor and two trainloads of troops have departed from the Skovorodino, Amur region and the Amurskaya oblast.

Over a thousand pieces of armor, including tanks, fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and some self-propelled artillery, are on the move from Russia’s far east.

And on this train to from Khabarovsk:

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What prompted this sudden and utterly gigantic movement of heavy armor is not known. Is it the sudden outburst of troubles in Kazakhstan? Is it the ongoing and worsening troubles in Ukraine? Or it is both?

As of Sunday at 11:58 AM EST, at least four trains, over a mile long each, are now on the move from eastern Russia toward the west.

This comes as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on TV today he does not expect any positive outcomes from the US/Russia meeting tomorrow in Geneva. That meeting was called to address what Russia calls it’s Security concerns” given NATO’s expansion. (Story Here)

It also comes after the sudden outbreak of armed hostilities in Kazakhstan, which shares a border with Russia. The sudden and violent hostilities were initially said to be over increases in the price of fuel, but protest rallies saw private cars pull up, the trunks opened, and dozens of machine guns taken from the trunks and given to “protesters.” (What grassroots protest have You ever seen where people are being handed machine guns and ammunition?)

The long land border with Russia, and the fact that the Russian space program is based in Kazakhstan, make the happenings there a national security concern for Russia.

Also, the ongoing troubles with NATO buildup in Ukraine are becoming more likely to go to actual war, as NATO continues its expansion right up to Russia’s front porch. (Story HERE)

This movement of heavy armor from Russia’s far east is a sign that things are getting very much worse between Russia and the West.

It is no longer unthinkable that there may be ground war in Europe, and also no longer unthinkable that the continental USA might be hit if war breaks out with Russia.

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