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The Common Plants Growing In Your Own Backyard That Will Replace Your Antibiotic Pills

From injury to disease, pain is a very common ailment or symptom that can take down the toughest of the tough. It’s so prevalent that we are seeing a major epidemic with opiate dependency. Unfortunately, with so many needing to find relief, it’s leading to a large portion of our population becoming dependent on a chemical bandage, often just masking the problem, rather than fixing the cause.

Unfortunately, it’s getting so widespread that the medical field view many of those in real need as “seekers”. So, instead of getting relief from tangible pain, people are being turned away. As a result, they are finding it illegally, and pain clinics and rehabs are popping up all over, trying to combat the addiction.

Wild Lettuce as a Healthy Alternative

Lactuca Virosa is the scientific term for it, and many people have used it in place of addictive prescription pain medicine. It’s a leafy and tall plant, with small yellow buds, and could be grown right out your door.

More commonly found in North America and England, it’s a cousin to the lettuce we typically see at the grocery store. It’s also referred to as bitter lettuce, or more appropriately for the purpose discussed here, opium lettuce.

The reason it’s referred to as opium lettuce, is due to the pain relieving and sedative effects that it has been known to produce through a white substance found in the stem and leaves.

… that will replace your antibiotic pills:

the common weeds that can numb your pain just like morphine:

the “tourniquet” plants that can stop your bleeding in minutes:

You’ll also discover the plants that work better than modern drugs to reverse joint damage from Arthritis:

and to safely lower your cholesterol:

stabilize your blood sugar levels:

and even turn the clock back on degenerative brain diseases:

…and a lot, lot more.

I’m also going to share with you the strange story of one of the greatest healers who has ever lived. You’ll find out how you can make and use three of his most powerful remedies immediately: one for severe pain, one for life-threatening infections, and one that will greatly improve your quality of life from this day forth. The last one will totally take you by surprise.

This man had desperate people in front of his house day and night hoping to find relief after conventional medicine failed them.

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