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Why People Die From Heart Attack But Animals Don’t

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There is a mysterious “switch” built into every mammalian body as to which way it will go with the “Vitamin C question”. ON or OFF.

The human body was born with the Vitamin C switch turned OFF. Scientists have identified the defective gene for the synthesis of the active enzyme protein, L-gulonolactone oxidase or GLO.

That means that our bodies do not manufacture it’s own Vitamin C, to run the necessary functions, so we must manually take in this critical element.

A dog named Captain slept next by his owner’s grave for 7 years. The cemetery does not close the gates until he arrives every night. It shows the bond between dog and master goes beyond the grave. . .

Notice how animal and pet foods don’t add Vitamin C. No need.

Their bodies AUTOMATICALLY manufacture all they need from the food they eat. All except the poor guinea pig. That little guy is just like us – his switch is turned OFF and therefore must be supplemented every single day in their food.

THAT is why we love to do “experiments” on them – they share that deficiency with humans.

Behold a “key to health and long life” factoid kept secret from most people:

Vitamin C is responsible for the ELASTICITY of your cells. Meaning, the ability of structures to bend and move. It is a suppleness.

The extreme lack of Vitamin C is called SCURVY – the “sailors disease”. The outward sign is that the gums crack and bleed. No elasticity.

Most Americans currently suffer from borderline scurvy. “Borderline” because there are no OUTWARD signs.

The damage is occurring in a hidden place.

What is the one part of your body that NEVER gets to take a break? YOUR HEART. And stop to think what it is that your heart must do thousands of times per day? It needs to MOVE. EXPAND. CONTRACT. Suppleness is mandatory.

WARNING: Scientific Research – Green Veggie Causing Type 2 Diabetes In Millions

If you are low on Vitamin C, then the walls of your heart get “brittle” and they “crack and bleed”. Our bodies have a process to deal with this emergency. Your body paints on a layer of plaque, like a temporary “patch” to stop the bleeding, with the hope that inner healing will stop the bleeding, and the patch can then be removed. But days turn into weeks, months and years of this cycle – crack and bleeding requires another coating of plaster, as a “temporary fix”.

After years, the buildup gets so huge that the arteries are completely clogged, causing a massive heart attack. All because of a DAILY SHORTAGE of Vitamin C.

The English navy men were called Limey’s because of the secret weapon they had discovered to keep THEIR sailors healthy. The Vitamin C from limes that could be stored on ship. It took the other navy’s of the world over 100 years to learn this secret, while the English conquered the world with it.

You can reverse this heart disease with a protocol of Vitamin C and amino acid Proline.

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