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Vladimir Putin Clone | The Real Vladimir Putin Was Cloned and Replaced In 2010! On Victory Day Parade Clone Took His Place (video)

This is how Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin changed over the years.. when he attended the parade called (The Great Day of Victory) from 2000 to 2009.

In 2010 however Putin was diagnosed with Spinal Cancer and German doctors told him he didn’t have much days left to live.

Putin then became missing for 10 days due to The Secret Shadowy Russian Underground Government, that acted quickly & effectively & replaced the real Putin by cloning him in the underground cloning labs.

Attention: The US is Facing The BIGGEST Threat Of The Century. . .Video below:

The fake Putin clone, or double was deployed and he takes over the real Putin’s life in politics and private life. His wife went missing, after she refused to cooperate, and live with a fake clone, who cannot replace her husband in any way shape, and form.

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They got her DNA samples too, cloned her as well. But the clone wasn’t needed anymore, so they eliminated it too. But in this video.. The imposter Putin clone shows up in person as he attends the 2010 parade instead of the original Putin. Meanwhile the original Putin is being set up, betrayed by his own people.

Putin is arrested.
He is brought to court and is judged.
Putin is blamed of robbing The State and the people.
Putin is accused of stealing, thus is indicted as a traitor, & is found guilty of treason (Putin already knew what to expect) Soon after court “True Putin” was executed and eliminated silently, quietly.

The original evidence of the footage was recorded. The unpublic material of the video evidence was meant to be locked away in the government’s secret vault, or hidden safe place, and all other copies to be burned, destroyed.

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All recordings of True Putin’s execution weren’t meant to be aired on any news channels, or to be shown on live TV. But somehow the secret footage and its disturbing material content was leaked to the internet in 2012 by someone and kept on a hidden YouTube Channel all these years.. without the Russian’s government approval, knowledge, and awareness of its existence.

Or perhaps they want people and the whole world to see what’s hidden right there in front of them! Right under their long pointy nose!

People fell for the old sick Kremlin/Joker Gag!

Ukraine events has actually revealed the truth about what’s going on in the real world today.

»»» Putin Hides Family In ‘Secret Siberian Underground Bunker’

A Russian professor has claimed Vladimir Putin has hidden his family members in an “underground city” to protect them from the unfolding conflict. Read the full article here:

America built a secret network of remote underground bunkers during “The Cold War” in case of nuclear strike by the Russia. But they were not made to protect civilians – the hideouts is just for Top Government Officials.

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