The US May Soon Face a Seismic Event of Apocalyptic Proportions | Hope For The Best And Prepare For The Worst

Today, an increasing number of US earthquakes could soon ruin the country, geologists say.

The University of Washington has already seismological graphs presented , showing a gigantic geological trench that extends across the states in the center of the USA from north to south and the region of a possible division of the North American continent marked.

As reported by geologists, this anomaly was first discovered in the 1960s when scientists discovered a strange subterranean rift along the Upper Lake that led south.

The discovery was a surprise to American scientists at the time, as there were no mountains in the area. The following studies showed that this anomaly stretched across the continent, resembling in form and shape the huge cracks in eastern Africa.

It has been reported that the tectonic plate beneath the southeastern regions of the US will break through the overlying layers of earth.


This could be the cause of future earthquakes in the Washington area and in other cities on the east coast, where there are basically no preconditions for aftershocks, according to Live Science .

According to Berk Biryol of the University of North Carolina , the Washington area and other major cities in the east of the country have been underwent a rather intense seismic activity in recent years, initially stunning seismologists as the country’s east rests on a stable continental crust that would prevent the occurrence of any earthquake.

MEGATHRUST EQ Cascadia Subduction ZoneBE PREPARED for Destruction

MEGATHRUST EQ Cascadia Subduction Zone-BE PREPARED for Destruction

In recent years, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has uncovered the link between the breakup and the rising number of earthquakes, and concludes that the number of US earthquakes has increased dramatically over the past six years .

In fact, a sudden increase in the number of seismic events is expected in some regions of the country that use fracking, including Oklahoma, California, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio, Alabama and New Mexico .

Could that lead to a break in North America?

Many scientists also regard the increased seismic activity as related to the depletion of nature, the gas and oil extraction and the associated artificial underground sewage rivers.

The last major earthquake in the region occurred at the beginning of September 2016 in the Oklahoma region and had a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located one kilometer west of Cushing, about 80 kilometers northeast of Oklahoma City. Foothills of the quake were clearly perceived in Kansas City, Missouri and Little Rock, Arkansas.

The OCCA (Oklahoma Corporation Commission) had shut down some underground sewers for the gas and oil production facilities and reduced or redirected waste to other channels.

The last major earthquake in the US was a 7.0 on November 30, 2018 in Alaska.

There were already two supercontinents on Earth – Rodinia and Pangea. The former was formed about 800 million years ago, while the latter was created about 600 million years later. Scientists expect that a new supercontinent will emerge in the future, which already has its own name – Amasia. This continent is made of modern North America and Asia, as Nature states .

Who knows, but maybe we will witness one or even two new states replacing the US before Amasia emerges?

Currently: Clear Lake – Seismic high – Even SWAT Teams are Helpless Against This

The earthquake swarm south of California’s Clear Lakes continues and has even intensified: tonight there were two tremors of magnitude 3.9 and 3.5. The hypocenters were close to the surface. In the past 30 days, Earth has quaked 145 times with magnitudes of 1.5 or greater.

Clear Lake has a volcanic field of lava dome, cinder cones and maars. There is also a geothermal power plant operated. It is 135 km to San Francisco ( Authority warning: catastrophic volcanic eruptions in California “inevitable” ).

May 25, 2019: The seismic swarm on Clear Lake (California / USA) continues. During the last week, there were 36 earthquakes, 4 of them in the last 24 hours. Most quakes manifest in depths between 1 and 2 km. Only quakes of magnitude 1.5 or greater were considered. It can be assumed that microseismics are also taking place ( Yellowstone Super Volcano: Geyser breaks outbreak record (video news, articles )

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