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FEMA Practices “Thermonuclear Detonations in The 60 Largest US Cities”

Governments are preparing for all sorts of threats – from biological weapons to chemical weapons to wildfire. But nothing reaches the force of a nuclear explosion. Even a smaller atomic bomb can create a fireball on the ground that is the size of a stadium and can thus trigger a blast that can paralyze an entire city. Radioactive remains can land hundreds of miles away.

The US Civil Protection is already preparing for an extensive use of nuclear bombs against the United States. Is it based on an early nuclear war?


The Federal Government’s National Civil Protection and Planning Organization, FEMA, has significantly updated its plans for nuclear disasters. This emerges from a new sensational report by Buzzfeed , who describes the new plans as “really frightening”. A report that receives little attention in the media.

The report is based on an exclusive interview with an unnamed US Emergency Management official. Remarkably, the official indicated that the new FEMA plan is preparing for a scenario involving “large nuclear detonations in the 60 largest US cities.”


The plan was discussed at a two-day National Capitol Hill National Public Health and Disaster Assistance Workshop on Capitol Hill and included emergency preparedness planning for large-scale thermonuclear explosions by state actors.

So far, terrorists have always been using “dirty bombs”, which has changed, partly because of growing tensions between Washington on the one hand and Moscow and Beijing on the other, as well as developments in North Korea.

Luis Garcia, Head of FEMA’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Division, told BuzzFeed News:

“We are looking at detonations from 100 kilotons to 1,000 kilotons.”

For comparison: In the current FEMA minutes are still atomic bombs with a blasting power of 1 to 10 kilotons recorded, which corresponds to those of the first bombs from the time of World War II .

FEMA’s updated response plan is reported to include mass preparations to deal with potential nuclear attacks on 60 of America’s largest urban centers, and the setting up of medical services to cope with all the various non-direct accidental consequences that would result from such attacks.

But planning does not just include direct influence and nuclear fallout:

“The agency has also considered scenarios in which a nuclear bomb, a cyberattack, a coordinated electromagnetic pulse, and biological weapons hit the US simultaneously,” the Buzzfeed report said.

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