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They call it “The Graveyard of Empires” – Now, The Most Powerful Christian Army in The World Fled the Country Humiliated

They call it “The Graveyard of Empires”.

Throughout the ages, would-be conquerors have come to this God-forsaken place…the Persians, the British, the Soviets, have found only death, despair and defeat in Afghanistan and their once powerful empires crumbled apart soon after!

Now, the most powerful Christian army in the world fled the country humiliated, abandoning our citizens, those who helped us and even our weapons of war…

To many Jihadis, this is an act of Allah!

In under a month they went from cowering in caves to parading through Kabul.

The black and white flag of Islamist extremism now flies over our former embassy and airbases,

While our fallen heroes returned home in closed coffins.

As painful as these images are, for America, the worst is yet to come!

Because according to the final chapters of the Bible our country is about to face its greatest tribulation,from an enemy crueler and more powerful than Iran, North Korea, Isis and the Taliban combined…

Yet no Bible scholar has said a word about it, until now!

An ancient prophecy is encrypted within the visions of 4 men, chosen to give a very precise and terrible warning to all true American Christians and Patriots.


Therefore I must warn you: What you are about to read is deeply disturbing!

Because as this unstoppable Biblical prophecy unfolds before your eyes and as each event plays out exactly as the Scriptures predicted,




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