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Some Say The Weather Weapons That Control the Weather Doesn’t Exist -This Video Contradicts Them- Storm Stopped At the Border Between Two States

It is said that the weather weapons “do not exist”, but here is a storm coming from Syria to Israel and stopping at the border between the two states. The images were published on the internet by the Israel News Online channel.

Sometimes the Israeli soldiers do not need to use their weapons to defend their country from threats coming from neighboring Syria. A mysterious force is there.

Israeli soldiers shot a violent storm from Syria, approaching the Israeli border with an impressive voice. But to the stupefaction of all, the storm did not cross the border with Israel. It was a barrier between ISIS and Israel.

It was an impressive moment for many soldiers who decided to shoot this “miracle” live.

Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) for military use constitute the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in the present context. “Meteorological weaponry” is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, potentially destabilizing the enemy’s ecosystem, destroying its agriculture, disabling communications networks.

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Ironically, the Pentagon, while officially recognizing its ability to change Earth’s weather for military purposes, says it joins efforts to study the impact of global warming.

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