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Tomato Tree Yields 32,000 Tomatoes, Breaks World Record ! (VIDEO)

The Octopus Tomato Tree! This was too interesting not to post……….Gardners are saying, “What the heck”? So the short verson is…………….

The Miracle Tree Octopus F1 grows to 13 feet (4meter) and above and is grown for 1.2-1.5 years. In the first 7-8 months, the plants do not give fruit to form a tomato tree. The rest of the time – a period of fruit formation and fruiting. Square crown of tomato F1 Octopus is 40-50 square meters.

Record harvest – 32,000 tomatoes, weighing 3200 kg (6400 lbs.). It is normally held up by a large trellis.

Octopus Tomato F1 Tree

The plant is hybrid, I’m not sure yet when they were first created, I’ll look more into that and update the post. The first set of seeds from the cross pollination are known as an F1 hybrid. F1 indicates that it is the direct offspring of the original cross. Once those plants produce fruit, the seeds can be harvested and replanted.

Heirlooms, Hybrids, and GMO’s


An heirloom tomato is one that is an established variety that has been grown for many years. But keep in mind, no variety is ‘the original’. Many heirloom varieties have originated from various countries where they have been separated from other types and growers have saved seeds from desirable fruit.

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Over time, tomatoes from Russia greatly differ from tomatoes from America. That’s also why Italian breeds have traits that vary greatly from ones grown in Australia, China, South America, and so on. As people migrate around the world and move to new lands, sojourners take their favorite tomatoes with them.

Heirlooms, Hybrids, and GMO’s


A hybrid is NOT the same as a GMO. A hybrid is created when the pollen of one variety is used to pollinate the stamen of a different variety. While some varieties of heirlooms were derived by growers keeping only the seeds from their favorite plants, other heirlooms began as hybrids.

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Once a hybrid is stabilized, it is no longer considered a hybrid and in future generations, it will be considered an heirloom.

The advantages of hybrids should be obvious. It allows growers to obtain a combination of flavor and productivity, productivity and disease resistance, plant size and tolerance, or any number of combinations.

Heirlooms, Hybrids, and GMO’s

GMO’s.GMO is lab-created.

Hybrids are insect or gardener cross-pollinated. Hybrids are no different than what happens in nature. Bees introduce pollen from one plant to the other.

Creating a hybrid is being intentional about cross pollinating instead of hoping a bee will do it for you.

Editor’s Note: This post is just something I’m shooting out there about an interesting plant growers might wanna take a look at, that “seems” to not be GMO. Growers might wanna take a peek at it, but do your own homework.
Just writing all this because people love to “write and fight” and argue over the web about “this or that”, that’s not my thing, all I’m doing is saying “here’s something gardeners might find interesting”……nothing else.

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