Who Controls The Weather, Will Control The World! (VIDEO)

Coming US Holocaust, Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN Towers, Silent Sound Mind Control 

Changing weather is an older idea. It is said, that the wise men of the ancient civilizations had the power to change the weather without disturbing the overall balance of the planet.

Today, the change of weather elements on narrow surfaces is made by low-frequency vibrations in the atmosphere. Scientists have developed two ways of handling climate: HAARP and GWEN.

HAARP technology consists of a set of towers that radiate the atmosphere with enormous amounts of low frequency radio waves (EFJ). HAARP towers look like normal antennas, but they are specialized in radio waves.

America built the largest HAARP towers in Gakona, Alaska, on an area of ​​40 acres. HAARP towers from US territory are operated by the Spacecraft Directorate of the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

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GWEN originates from the Ground Wave Emergency Network. They have enormous towers that each have 100 fan-shaped copper wires under the base of the tower.

The defense department has built these towers on the ground that they will be useful in communications during or after a nuclear catastrophe.

EFJ technology can create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. GWEN towers are located in California even along the tectonic fault and in the volcanic areas of the northwestern Pacific.

So, we see how what HAARP can not achieve through the atmosphere, GWEN realizes through the soil.

After the Midwest flood in 1993, all kinds of news about the lack of discernment or inspiration of those who built or rebuilt their homes in flood-prone areas appeared. This news advised people not to build houses in such areas. An ingenious plan to move the population to the desired areas.

HAARP, according to Michel Chossudovsky, is part of the New Arms Weapons Arms Strategy of the Strategic Defense Initiative. By military command, whole national economies can be destabilized by climate manipulation. And these can be done without the victims knowing, with minimal costs and without the involvement of military personnel.

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