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“Dome Of The World”- A Veteran of The US Air Force Spoke About The “Secret Weapon” of The USSR

Ex-pilot of the American reconnaissance aircraft Robert Hopkins told about memories of a meeting with the USSR’s “secret weapon” in 1988.

Memories of the ex-pilot of the reconnaissance aircraft RC-135S Cobra Ball Robert Hopkins are published in the USA. The former military man tells The Drive about the mysterious phenomenon that he witnessed in 1988. He was given the name “Dome of Light” and suggested that the “dome” was the secret weapon of the USSR.


At that time, the team of the 24th Strategic Intelligence Squadron, where Robert Hopkins served, was stationed at the Shemya Air Force Base in Alaska. During this period, according to the INF Treaty, the Soviet Union was launching an SS-20 rocket (“Pioneer”) in the direction of the Kura . The crew of Hopkins watched and collected data.

The pilot remember that this evening there were practically no stars in the sky and the moon did not even shine. At first everything went according to plan, and then the oddities began. According to Hopkins, their crew first noticed something resembling a translucent milky-white wall, moving from the USSR to the north of the Pacific Ocean.

“It covered everything from the ground to the level of our visibility. And it moved very fast — much faster than aircraft — and approached us, ”Hopkins said.

After the “wall of light” continued to move east. The pilots discussed that they saw the same thing, and the phenomenon was not a hallucination.

Later, the mysterious phenomenon was given the name “Dome of Light”, and scientists from the Department of Foreign Technologies of the US Air Force began to study it. However, the case did not progress further than hypotheses.

Experts have suggested that the unusual light effect was caused either by a special rocket fuel, or is part of the launcher, which the American satellites had to blind by a flash of light.

An article about mysterious weapons was also published in the Los Angeles Times in 1988, which supported the version of an eyewitness. It said that this system could act as a disguise when launching intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), blinding early warning satellites.

According to another version, such a “secret weapon” was created in the Soviet Union, based on the ideas of Nikola Tesla and scalar electronics. Hopkins is sure that in the post-Soviet period of glasnost ( “openness and transparency”) , the Russians knew what the “dome of light” was, but did not talk about it.

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