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Is There a 40 – Year – Old Man’s Crisis?

Men going through a crisis at the age of 40 or can it appear at 20, 30, 67 or 71 years?

Is it the moment when the one who is in a deadlock, at a moment of life, somehow seeks to escape, and then relies on superficial experiences, and even gets to shock the others? The opinions are divided, but that’s what the specialist says!

” The crisis is not related to age, but to a life situation. If the man goes through divorce at 37, 3 months and 4 days, then the crisis may be related to divorce and is not related to age. So if he remains unemployed or finds out that his wife is wrong, “says psychologist Constantine Cornea,. “

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It has also been attempted, by researchers of different nations, to find the age at which, undoubtedly, there is a crisis. At first they spoke of the crisis at the age of 40 , then they thought and said that in fact the crisis appeared from 5 to 50 years, starting with 35 years.

” Personally, after a bunch of years and patients, I can say for sure that an age crisis does not exist. All crises are related to dramatic situations for the individual, such as the dear one’s death, the illness or the suffering of a close, their own illness, divorce, deception, mistress, unemployment, personal exams , “says psychologist Constantine Cornea .

Most times, overcoming the crisis is about the character, temperament, personal achievements of the individual. It is extremely important what it has achieved until the crisis, but also what its supporting elements are. If he has family, colleagues or friends, if he can afford an eccentric gift or a holiday, he can disconnect him from the source of the crisis.

“Indeed, there are individuals complaining about an existential crisis that suddenly occurred as soon as they changed the prefix. Well, from a psychological perspective, we can only talk about the individual’s desire to attract attention. If he succeeds in sensitizing someone with his crisis, he may come to believe more and more in it. That is the only way to really get sick when the affective response of those closest to him confirms his status as a victim.

If the others do not pay attention to it or hijack it, if it falls in love with another person or if it is advanced in the career, the crisis will disappear as if it’s charm, “adds the psychologist.

If you have a partner, a friend, a lover, a colleague who complains of a crisis of any age, it is best to send it to a specialist. It is best so, and the results can be absolutely spectacular.

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How can the crisis be overcome in the opinion of the specialist:

The cause of the crisis.

As I said, the 40-year crisis is a legend.

Behind her there can be a whole range of issues that have led us to blame her. These problems can be related to the couple’s relationship, career and service, the lack of friends or toxic friends, etc.

Once the case has been identified, we must take the necessary action accordingly.

Our health problems or our loved ones. “If we are sick or if we have a person suffering from a certain condition, we must call a specialist. It can restore our health. If the disease is serious and the chances are small it is good to call a specialist, “says the psychologist.

Animozities in the couple relationship .

If you do not have a partner, you need to know why this happens. “You are too nauseous, too pretentious or simply shy, or you do not know how to approach a person of the opposite sex. If you have a relationship and feel you are not understood, love, appreciate, go to a psychologist. Family therapy can do miracles.

Very often, the home family can be a real toxic factor and this problem needs to be addressed. Toxic, addictive, immature friends, too intrusive, may once again be a source of family quarrels. And the relations with them must be regulated, “adds Constantin Cornea.

Problems with the child .

If you think it does not do the right thing, it does not grow in the right direction, has inappropriate friends, or does not learn how it should, call a psychologist.

“You can find out where and what you are wrong with, but also how you can correct the mistake.”

Career hindrances.

“If you feel unappreciated at work, if you are underpaid or charged with tasks, if you have not achieved what you have set up by this age because you want to work in another field or reach a much higher level , before falling into depression, making panic attacks, call a psychologist. You can recalibrate your career strategy and get where you are going, if the plan is well thought out.

Moreover, you can understand that the dreams of your youth have no connection with their own qualities, which is why you have not achieved what you have intended. In this case, he thinks of a strategy related to the development of the skills or knowledge necessary to achieve the proposed goal, ” says psychologist Constantin Cornea.


If they are toxic, if they invade your life or if you are lying or using for your own personal interest or if you are completely out of your life, it is a problem to be solved.

Overcoming the trauma. If you have discovered the cause, trauma can be overcome. That is the only way you can overcome the problem with everything that has produced it without hiding behind anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or panic attacks.

No matter how black your life may seem at any given time, there is a solution to any problem. All you have to do is see who the specialist can do for you. The erosion of trying to go alone over a crisis can cost you enormously and leave large sequelae for a long time.


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