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What is Considered Taboo? Sexual Taboos and Social Boundaries…

People On The Taboo Sex Acts They Enjoy!

Even if we don’t always discuss it, being kinky isn’t uncommon. Although for a long time it was kept in dark corners of the world because people were afraid to admit to the fact that their brand of sexuality wasn’t run of the mill, in recent years, especially with the release of the “Fifty Shades of Grey “franchise, people are being more vocal about what turns them on — and off.

“There are many people, more than you think, who are not vanilla,” sex expert Dr. Logan Levkoff tells Bustle. “We’re not all supposed to experience our sexuality the same way… and we’re understanding that more than ever.”

What taboo sexual act are you willing to admit to liking?

As is often the case with internet, the responses came flooding in, because who doesn’t want to share their kink with a bunch of strangers when you’re hiding behind a handle?It offers a safe space to come clean about the sexual taboos that sometimes, depending on the company, can raise an eyebrow.

As long as it’s between two consenting adults, there’s no such thing as being too rough — well, not until you use your safe word, which is paramount in the BDSM community.

Human sexuality is complicated and swimming with kinks and fetishes, some of which might seem more than a little strange to you. But if we all accept that anything goes when it comes to sex as long as it’s consensual, what one person does behind closed doors has nothing to do with you and vice versa.

So, if you have a kink or two, don’t be afraid to share it with your partner. A truly open partner isn’t going to shame for anything that gets you off; they might even be willing to explore the fetish with you.

Sex is as necessary as food for a good and healthy life!

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