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Now, The Truth About Melania Trump

This why Russia and Ukraine/Kazakhstan conflict is so important and Biblical.

Much like Germany and the Rothchild’s financial dissemination with war reparations after WW1 & WW2 – Russia faced similar retribution by the Rothchild’s Kabbala black ”magik” banking systems.

Both countries leaders were murdered and replaced with Khazars communist dictatorships.

In Russia’s case, they lost twice during the Bolshevik revolution:

(1) Assassination’s of the Romanov royal family

(2) Forced oppressive communism through the Khazars totalitarian dictators – Lenin and Stalin.

When Tsar Nicholas II denied the Rothchild’s centralized banking system – Rothchild’s said they would erase the Romanov family bloodline from the Earth.

When the Romanov Royal Family was murdered, two family members survived their fate.

Anastasia, the youngest daughter and her illegitimate brother. After a long stay in the Russian mental hospital, she escaped to Greece.

She married and had a family. Those children married and had a daughter, that is still ALIVE today . . .

Her name is Melania Trump.


► Watch Now: ‘CRIME OF CENTURY’ Trump accuses Obama and Biden of ‘TREASON’


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1 comment

Gina March 5, 2022 at 4:34 am

The Problem I have with your content is that you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth, per say. 1.) You are showing us what President Trump has done with these Globalist since 2017. You have showed us “The Plan”. However, we don’t know who these actors are? Trumps plan is very different from the Globalist Plan. 2.) FEMA CAMPS-In Trumps plan “Marshall Law” will happen, but it’s to clean up the rest of the Globalist off the streets, while we stay indoors. However, in The Globalist Plan, which is the one you speak of, Marshall Law means that we all go indoors, and then 8 Million of us according to your Lists, will be taken to these awful camps, and tortured and murdered. You paint a very confusing and colorful, scary picture. My question to you is Why would you only project a one sided perspective on the FEMA CAMPS when as far as we know, there are two different sides with two very different agendas?


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