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‘CRIME OF CENTURY’ Trump accuses Obama and Biden of ‘TREASON’

‘CRIME OF CENTURY’ Trump accuses Obama and Biden of ‘TREASON’

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Obama and Biden were the top-level operational criminal co-conspirators who cooked up and funded the election theft. Of course, they were directed by their Jesuit handlers in the Vatican, who were in turn commanded by their their well-hidden masters in the Italian Black Nobility.

Which is precisely why this election theft essentially took place in Italy. But it was the Khazarian Mafia, as always, that issued the order.

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The Church’s Most Hidden Secret Exposed: Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical END TIMES [Full Documentary 100% PROOF]


“Black President Election Will Destroy USA”

There is something strange going on with everyday Americans…

The Antichrist (Obama) and The False Prophet (Pope Francis) will bring the biblical end of days according to Bible prophecy. I have documented all the evidence and the facts to prove that these two men are evil and are working for their master, Satan, to bring a New World Order with a one world religion. Read the full article HERE: https://amg-news.com/archives/6316



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