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Medical Martial Law Is Coming To America

According to the Supreme Court, the term MARTIAL LAW means the use of military force with the purpose of control over some populated area which is considered as problematic because of civil war or any other kind of chaos.

Martial law by itself is very rare and a not so popular decision from above, but it is the only one in the hard periods of state instability. Sometimes, this system of ruling is misused by the government to enforce its own position through the suspension of civil rights, constitutional law and habeas corpus. Usually, this mechanism is chosen when state authorities fail to lead the society or they are using it to contain the civilian unrest.

Staying alive after a serious crisis is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s something more and more people are concerned with each and everyday.
The problem is just where to turn for the right information that can mean the difference between life and death. Video Below:

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