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Americans “Computerized” by FEMA | Operation Dragnet : The United Nations’ Pitfall


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Fort Meade, Maryland is the government’s most tightly guarded installation (it houses, among others, the secret National Security Agency). In an unmarked, windowless office building on the grounds of Fort Meade, hundreds of thousands of American citizens are being “computerized” by technicians on the payroll of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“Administratively, this place is the equivalent of an unlisted telephone”, explained a former senior official of FEMA who agreed to an interview on condition that his identity be protected.

“It has no official existence. There is no listing for it, no traceable designation. But it’s there, idling quietly, like a doomsday bomb waiting for its moment in history.”

The task of FEMA’s secret data control annex at Fort Meade is to develop so-called CAP’s-the term stands for “crisis action programs”-to be implemented in national emergencies. The term was originally used to denote disaster relief plans at the Federal Preparedness Agency, once a department of the General Services Administration, now merged into FEMA.

Fort George G. Meade

But the computerized action plans instrumented at Fort Meade have nothing to do with aiding victims of hurricanes or other natural disasters. They are blueprints for taking over the U.S. government and converting it into a command system under the “emergency management” of federal bureaucrats.

Privately, congressional investigators, intelligence analysts and veteran Washington newsmen familiar with the inner machinery of the vast federal bureaucracy have long expressed concern and anxiety about FEMA. An “umbrella administration” born in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter combined the disaster and emergency response functions of nearly a dozen scattered federal outposts into a single agency, FEMA has always been known as an “activist” and secretive fraternity.

Under Louis Giuffrida, appointed FEMA director by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, the agency developed a top-secret project for arresting tens of thousands of “suspects aliens” along with troublesome critics and dissenters whom the White House found annoying enough to be labeled “potentially subversive.”

Tagged Operation Rex 84, these un-Constitutional plans were first discovered and revealed by this populist newspaper (The Spotlight) in a series of exclusive investigative reports in the April 23 and May 14, 1984 issues.

But although,

“The Spotlight’s expose wrecked FEMA’s plans for setting up mass “emergency detention centers” – and cost Giuffrida his post as director – secret preparations for “(ensuring) the continuity of the federal government” in ill-defined “emergencies” remained the major concern of FEMA’s senior officials.

“Those words, enunciated by President Gerald Ford in Executive Order 11921, were understood by FEMA to mean that one day they would be in charge of the country,” explained Dr. Henry Kliemann, a political scientist a Boston University.

“As these bureaucrats saw it, FEMA’s real mission was to wait, prepare and then take over when some ‘situation’ seemed serious enough to turn the United States into a police state.”

To illustrate FEMA’s conspiratorial core, knowledgeable Washington intelligence sources cited the instance of the 1989 visit by President George Bush to Cartagena, Colombia, to attend a so-called regional drug summit with three Latin American presidents.

“There were rumors of a terrorist threat against Bush by Colombian drug hit squads”, recounted Monroe H.Brown, “a former federal security officer with long years of service Miami.

“Teams of Secret Services, FBI and CIA agents were mobilized to find out how serious the threat was, while back in Washington FEMA went to work on an emergency program in case the presidential plane was hit by a Stinger missile somewhere over Colombia.”

FEMA’s emergency measures included preparations to round up more than 10,000 Americans “redlined” in the agency’s computers as “activists, supporters or sympathizers of terrorism in the United States,” explained Brown.

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In August 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, FEMA got ready to deal with “terrorist emergencies” in the United States by churning up the same old discredited computer compilation of “terrorist supporters and sympathizers,” adding thousands of names to it and alerting the U.S. Army to set up detention camps to hold these innocent victims of its bureaucratic brutality.


According to The Washington Report something called operation dragnet, is authorized under Title II of the Mc Carran Act. According to this act, the alleged president of the United States is authorized to suspend the Bill of Rights with a single telephone call, if either an invasion, a state of war, or, more probably, an “insurrection” is certified by the head of the current government, Operation Dragnet will be initiated.

Currently a Univac computer located in a secret place somewhere near Washington contains at least 1,000,000 names and, with the signal, the computer will begin printing arrest warrants. Those whose names are stored in the computer will be picked up by the FBI, state and local police. 17 prison camps, known in WWII as “concentration camps” have already been constructed to hold the mass arrestees.

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Three of these camps are being held in current readiness, two are on standby and the rest could be activated rapidly. (American Information Newsletter, 2408 Main St. Boise, ID 83702 Sept. 1993)

“Strategically placed across the country from Elmondorf, Alaska to Avon Park, Florida, three of these “detention centers” are now operational in a slightly different guise, two others are on a stand-by basis, and the rest are ready and available with a minimum of preparation-and all that’s needed to fill these camps with thousands of Americans is for somebody to launch “Operation Dragnet”.

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“It will be swift and legal. The law is already on the books. They represent every shade of political and social opinion from Right to Left and include a big span of middle-of-the-road citizens who have never committed an offense more heinous than having subscribed to an unapproved periodical.

Its history is short and simple. On Sept. 22nd 18 years ago, Congress by a two-thirds vote made official Public Law 831. Now it is known as the Internal Security…

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