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Woody Harrelson Confesses His Dad (Charles Harrelson) Was a CIA Trained Killer (video)

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Watch Now: Woody Harrelson Confesses His Dad (Charles Harrelson) Was a CIA Trained Killer

Charles Harrelson (Woody’s dad) was allegedly involved in the assassination of JFK … many researchers believe Charles Harrelson was one of the three tramps arrested behind the grassy knoll approximately an hour after the shooting. Charles Harrelson confessed to shooting JFK during a cocaine influenced police stand-off in 1980.

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A man uncannily resembling Charles Harrelson was found along with two other people hiding in a box car behind the grassy knoll. Woody’s father was a hit-man. Convicted for the murder of two victims – one of which was federal judge John H. Wood Jr. I am hoping one day Woody will do the right thing and come forward and confess/clear up his father’s role in the death of JFK.

Kennedy’s speech (April 27, 1961) was given just a few months after his inauguration, and just a few months before the birth of Barack Obama. The speech has puzzled historians, speechwriters, and politicians for decades. Perhaps Kennedy didn’t mean his speech for the time when he was living, but for a later time, for the final generation.

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