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CERN – Gateway to Hell – Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions…(video)

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In this article, we talk about the connection of the Rockefeller family dynasty to CERN. CERN is preparing for a major announcement, that they have discovered something inside the collisions happening at the large hadron collider (LHC). I have warned extensively about CERN and believe that the Illuminati is celebrating the opening of the fifth dimension, one beyond space and time. CERN also invented the internet, a matrix system that now covers the Earth. The internet has now taken over everything about life.

Everything is “wired.” The last thing that isn’t wired is the human body. Implantable devices are necessary to accomplish the wiring of the human body to the WWW. That is why mandatory chipping will come to pass, because every human must become a literal part of the WWW, which is the 666.

One thing I have always been curious about was the financing of CERN. Who is behind the machine? We know CERN has received taxpayer money from several governments across the world, but many people don’t realize that the Rockefeller’s are behind a non-profit charity who funds ALL DONATIONS FROM THE UNITED STATES DIRECTLY TO GENEVA. This means that the Rockefeller’s control a HUGE amount of the financing of CERN’s operations.

The Rockefellers also send their own scientists to CERN to conduct experiments. These particle physicists are from Rockefeller University and are some of the top scientists in the world in their respective fields. They have been instrumental in discovering new particles at CERN.

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CERN now prepares to announce a HUGE discovery very soon. Some scientists have said this discovery will usher in a new golden era of humanity.

Did CERN Create Black Hole Inside Earth? City Swallowed, Millions Sinkholes Opened, Ocean Level Drops. CERN is opening portals into other dimensions, possibly even hell. Everything you are about to see is real.

The 27 kilometer long Large Hadron Collider complex on the Swiss/French border.

CERN is attacking this planet by trying to bring in to reality the existence of Demons and possibly even the Devil (Satan) himself? Smashing particles at the speed of light (or near) is in my theory attacking God himself and as we know, without light there would be no life, Earth or the Moon possibly?

The LHC facility on the Franco/Swiss border is changing weather patterns and even possibly attracting meteors with the huge magnetic force it put’s out? CERN has many backers and many objectors but the most important is CERN itself, only “it” can address the worries of everyday people and they choose not too, why?

So I found a recent publication online of “eerie-looking” photos taken above CERN and there’s some pretty odd, weird and terrifying even scary and apocalyptic scenes unfolding, right in the weather patterns crossing the skies. The unusual weather patterns have conspiracy theorists shouting from the top of the tower again, but this time I think they have a real reason too! Take a look at this.

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The European Organization for Nuclear Research is under attack from sceptics who believe that its stated scientific aims are masking a darker purpose.

A photograph taken of the sky above CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has got some internet theorists worried about the activities below. On June 24, a Facebook user called Joelle Rodrigue posted a photograph of a storm above the research center, which is on the border of France and Switzerland.

Joëlle Rodrigue – Photos

NEW images of bizarre cloud formations above the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could be shock proof the world’s biggest experiment is about to tear open a portal to another dimension. That is if you are inclined to believe the latest conspiracy theory surrounding the monster machine.

A video claims two images showing cloud and light over the LHC at Geneva on the French/Swiss border were taken on June 24 – the same day CERN scientists began a new Awake experiment to change the way it smashes particles together. The film, entitled What portal did CERN open now?

Strange Clouds Hover Above the LHC, was made by Freedom Fighter Times, a religious conspiracy theory channel on YouTube, and raises “major concerns” about what the LCH is being used for. The narrator of the video of CERN, otherwise known as European organization for Nuclear Research, claims the two images had been forensically researched and been found to be genuine and not edited.

He said:

“It is not a background you can get on Google. It is an actual picture taken on June 24 2016. It is directly over CERN, and the cloud formation is very interesting.

“The energy that is being produced, you can actually see that minus the lightening strikes.”

He asked viewers if they were concerned about CERN, and advised they should be. He said:

“How much energy did CERN pull into itself? Is this why the weather is so crazy all over the planet? There are many other colliders all over the world.”

The video showed the CERN schedule for the LCH which showed an experiment called awake was due to begin on June 24. The narrator said:

“Is it a coincidence they had just started the Awake experiment?

“This insane ball of energy was directly over the LHC. Some people reported see faces in it. It is amazing they keep messing with nature and denying it.

“What is in the cloud – some say it is lightening or a massive ball of energy. “The amount of energy pulling from nature into the collider itself, you can actually see it “What portals and doors are being opened in this cloud?”

Some of the conspiracy theories about CERN have included that it is being used as a portal to allow Satan to return to Earth. Last October exclusively revealed claims from former Whitby town councillor Simon Parkes that he held a global meditation to prevent this happening.

The LHC is the world’s largest and most powerful machine and is actually used to collide particles at close to the speed of light in a bid to discover more about physics and the possibility of parallel universes.

The curious machine developed across a 16-mile ring of superconducting magnets has had critics before amid claims it could inadvertently create a black hole that may swallow up the world, but some of these wild conspiracies are among the strangest to date.

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CERN, of course, denies trying to change our weather, but it has carried out experiments to create artificial clouds to better understand global warming, which fuels the conspiracies. The official line on what the Awake experiments are about is to develop a new type of accelerator to cut the size of the huge particle physics experiments down by a factor of a hundred or more so they can be carried out on table tops.

The AWAKE experiment, also known as the “Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment,” will use a whole new method that will get particles going much faster in a shorter amount of time. In the meantime, the wild conspiracies are likely to continue.

CERN Already Controls You, But The Rockefellers Control CERN…


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Rob April 8, 2021 at 8:50 pm

I don’t know where you have been but Jesus told us there were many dimensions. He said “in my father’s house are MANY ROOMS”. This is figurative for many dimensions in the spirit realm. We live in a dimension and we call this reality but in all reality it’s not.
‘The beast out of the SEA aka SPIRIT REALM in Revelation is Ba’al the demonic spirit king who was wound in the head the night Babylon fell whenever King Cyrus rode into Babylon. The beast out of the earth aka HUMAN REALM is in fact ISLAM for they worship the Beast Ba’al aka Allah…

RUSTY September 28, 2021 at 5:23 am

‘The beast out of the SEA aka SPIRIT REALM in Revelation is Ba’al the demonic spirit king who was wound in the head the night Babylon fell whenever King Cyrus rode into Babylon. The beast out of the earth aka HUMAN REALM is in fact ISLAM for they worship the Beast Ba’al aka Allah…

Um… NO! The Bible does do a lot of “symbolisms” for things it is saying…. but not Revelations…. It DOES use “symbolism” in Chapter 13 (that you are referring to) for the 1st bigger Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns out of the sea. The 7 heads… are Mountains (7 mountains.. never really says what the “mountains” are… but not a far stretch to say they refer to the 7 “mountains” that IS Earth.. all 7 continents)… the 10 horns…. are 10 kings. All these “symbols” are clearly DEFINED and EXPLAINED in CHAPTER 17!!! READ IT! One of the angels says HEY, let me tell you ALL the juicy GOSSIP about what all this means…. There is a whore who sits atop the beast with a golden cup in her hand…. Well…. the whore atop the beast is a CITY…. and they sit atop many waters…. and the WATERS are NATIONS, MULTITUDES of PEOPLE and TONGUES (its all in chapter 17!) Now the kings who give their power to the beast (or puppet nations)… they all HATE the beast but give their power to the beast until they strike the whore and burn her to the ground and they WEEP after the destruction of the whore “city” not because she is gone… but because the RICHES that once flowed from her are now gone and no more…

THIS IS ALL IN CHAPTER 17 and the only “opinion” I injected is the 7 mountains to mean the 7 continents or “mountains” of the Earth! The rest is what the TEXT says. This City…. liken to Babylon with Mystery written on her forehead and the golden cup that rules MANY MULTITUDES, PEOPLES, NATIONS, TONGUES and all ride the power of the “beast” (and by the way, the BEAST which IS SATAN HIMSELF!!!! Which was described earlier in Revelations during the “flashback” to his “rebellion” where the dragon took 1/3 of the stars that fell upon earth…. which was described to have uh…. I don’t know…. 7 HEADS with 10 HORNS and 10 CROWNS…. lol)

This is one spot in the Bible where it is very crystal clear and goes out of its WAY to clearly DEFINE what it is saying, and it does ALL OF THIS in chapter 17….. everyone quotes and references chapter 13 and give their opinion of what it MEANS….. when chapter 17 TELLS YOU WHAT IT MEANS!!!

Bob June 19, 2022 at 2:23 am

Right, I see you mentioned “God” and “Satan”, those are Christian concepts, completely fabricated and the elite know this. They don’t worship the made up religions so your article doesn’t stand up. While other timelines etc may have been experimented with, what the hell is it to do with “demons” ( another fabrication to control the sheep masses) . You are writing the article as someone who is clearly a follower of the fake religion so I can’t take you seriously.

Bob2 June 29, 2022 at 4:06 am

I’d love to hear what you “believe” in Bob. Big Bang and all that dumb shit.

uzer June 3, 2021 at 11:21 pm

Are the Rockefellers who finance CERN Muslim? no they are the enemies of Islam and all religions, therefore enemies of GOD! so go tell your shit to your fellows

Mc_Manus June 7, 2021 at 2:23 pm


It’s me again.
I’ve made an error in judging your website and i apologize for it.

The Cern can be used as an EMP to blackmail Europe i’m not fond of math but the energetic current should be able to put a vast part of europe down in case they don’t want be a part of the game or if the power is overthrown by the people , but you ‘re right they even tell that they don’t know what they are doing which is the sign that they are possessed.

Haarp is like a micro wave to change the weather forecast or if you want to use it as a weapon to flood enemy countries but it has a cost
president Putin as almost the same kind of installation and he use it for commemoration only one day by year because once you use it many bad thing can happend if you stop using it suddenly (that why the CIA is chemtrailing us the airplane they use have no gps transponder so you can’t follow them on related website………

This should be interesting to you in a episode of ghost adventure a woman use some strange devices to communicate with the stars and become possessed because she as used the book of necronomicon (don’t read it please i don’t want your soul and bodies to get hurt by bad stars ) and before she dies and her corpses was retrieved momified in his book relating her experiments she has written that evil can communicate by electronic devices
and she is the one you made her own devices !

Beware electronics is from reverse engineering from space shuttle that you call UFO but i must warn you they are Vrills creature that is vile but fear loud bangs with devils or demons inside so pray my friend for the return of the Master of Masters and King of Kings soon with his Divine army he will
put a term too the antichrist (who will be killed) but before the anti christ will siege on the third temple in Jerusalem and he will resuscitate somebody
to fool all the people by making a “miracle” is reign will last three year and six month.

Read Enoch dialogs with God and the angel and read it again the saturday (everyone must respect the shabbat) and everytime needed
by The Master of the Universe be blessed all is good names and those who do is will rightfully and in time Amen

Michael Coole August 27, 2021 at 3:57 am

Wow, that’s wild! Where can I learn more about the evil entities in electronics? I use my laptop everyday to reach people with my messages of inspiration, spreading truth, warning people about the corrupt stuff going on, research, learn, talk to family states away, post my original music, and create my music.
What did you mean by “Vrills creature that is vile fear loud bangs with devils or demons inside?”
Please clarify anything I should know about this subject and if you can point me to a website or source that explains this stuff. Thank you, Manus!!

Mc_Manus June 7, 2021 at 4:28 pm

There are only 3 good and big religions : Christianity, Muhammadanism, Judaism

Gabriel Archangel is the messenger of The Master of the Universe who has given the Quran
to Muhammad but he has been fooled by a devil or a demon or maybe both and by his fellow Ali
and now if we read the book of Dante Inferno we can see that they’re both suffering for the having been fooled
and done some misinterpretation into the Quran composition

all current are sects like the Jesuits, the Templar order, opus déï, Scientology, KKK, Ahnanerbe, Ordo Templi Orientis, Wicca, are all attached to the Freemasons which get his planning from the b’naï b’rith

KGB was infiltrated by the Freemasons like the Vatican (Babylon) too the USA is referred as Babylon mysteries.

This prayer may help if you feel troubled by evil it works fine for me so it should do 🙂
Don’t pray for you but for the others 🙂 It’s a sin to pray for himself

That be blessed, sanctified, consecrated, glorified with dignity the Master of the Universe and the time it is issued, preserved from evil

in all its forms as well as the ignorance of one of each other and their bad feelings

and that either purified, glorified his great divine names as well as all his faithful as well as all good creatures of creation, spirits, elements and entities

That be blessed, sanctified, consecrated, fortified, preserved their hearts, their bodies, their souls and their spirits as well as their divine possessions

and their divine objects by the grace of the Holy Spirit which is five times holy

and that it is made of the good and correct way and in the time allotted the will of the Master of the Universe and Time and this

whatever the Heavens, Places, Houses, Gardens, County, Countries, Worlds, Planets, Systems, Universe, Space, Time and Dimensions

and that good Christian guides, all the good divine protections of the Master of the Masters and Kings of the Kings as well as all good divine qualities

they are granted to the Masculine and the Feminine and the two sexes gathered in one to make the good and correct way

who is and this in divine joy and peaceful harmony

in respect of the divine commandments and divine laws for the eternity of centuries and in the consumption of centuries Amen

John June 11, 2022 at 1:28 am

Shutup, demon Artificial Intelligence bot…

So obvious.

RUSTY September 28, 2021 at 1:17 pm

This prayer may help if you feel troubled by evil it works fine for me so it should do
Don’t pray for you but for the others It’s a sin to pray for himself

First of all…. Jesus HIMSELF said to NOT do what you just DID! If you know where “The Lord’s Prayer” is located…. read the INSTRUCTIONS for it directly BEFORE it gives the prayer…. Jesus said only when you are alone in your closet with the door shut behind you should you pray… It is an intimate conversation between YOU AND GOD, nobody else…. do not pray out loud so as to be heard by others. Do not use words of repetition or ritualize it… in other words don’t pray as a ritual or use other peoples words because those words are MEANINGLESS and you have said NOTHING to God… Prayer is LITERALLY a conversation between YOU and GOD and any other “use” of prayer that is not STRICTLY that he told you NOT to do. Preacher stands in front of his “congregation” and says everyone bow your heads and close your eyes and then proceeds to say out loud a prayer that is intended for the WHOLE CONGREGATION as if to “talk to God”… ITS WRONG! Jesus SAID don’t do that.

And…. if you recite the “Lord’s Prayer” as if a prayer (as many people do..) You spit in Jesus’s FACE by using his OWN WORDS that were an EXAMPLE of HOW to pray, not as words to repeat AS A PRAYER! Look up Lord’s Prayer in the Bible then read the section DIRECTLY before it…. and you will SEE. As for a sin to pray for self….. he just said don’t because God already knows what you need, you don’t NEED to ask…. it is not a “sin” to do so…. just pointless to do so….

repels December 14, 2021 at 10:02 pm

magnificent isѕues altoɡethеr, yoᥙ simply received a emblem new reader.
Ꮤhat may you recommend in regaгds to your submit that you simply made some days іn the past?
Any certain?

Only Human June 7, 2022 at 2:27 pm

You lost me on CERN invented the internet.


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