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America Is Ready For Medical Martial Law: It’s Not About a VIRUS, It’s About Taking Away Our Freedom !

Wake up, people!

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The Corona Virus is not what you should fear but the measures being taken by our governments by using the virus as an excuse to implement martial law with all of its consequences :


Background and causes for current events.Here are essential passages:

Corona hysteria is perfect for restricting or abolishing civil rights.

• Corona makes it possible for people to be voluntarily quarantined, which is just another form of detention.

• Corona makes it possible for us to get used to an increased police and military presence on our streets.

• Corona makes it possible that people can no longer or do not want to gather! Restriction on freedom of assembly (France’s yellow vests wear out!)

• Corona makes it possible for people to be vaccinated against their will while being chipped. The constitutional “physical integrity of a human life” is then a thing of the past.

• Corona makes it possible to get rid of cash on the pretext of infection.

• Corona enables total surveillance to maintain public order.

• Corona is the perfect alibi for the collapse of the financial system. So the real reasons and the real cause remain in the background.

• Corona may be distracting from the fact that people in Wuhan have contracted and died from 5G radiation, but not from the virus. Because in Wuhan 5G has been fully rolled out and in operation since autumn 2019!

Was Corona invented to distract from the 5G strain?

• The corona virus creates fear. This fear is more contagious than the virus. And that seems wanted! Because when people are afraid, then they let everything happen to themselves and talk themselves into everything. “

• “Main Core”: A CIA Database of 8 Million Who Will Be Rounded Up When Martial Law Is Imposed

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