I am so excited to share this reveal with you all!  This was our first ‘project’ at our new home and while the garden is in its still in early stages we are hoping it will produce lots of food.

You might be wondering why we were in such a rush to get a vegetable garden in, and while we are certainly keeners — there was the matter that we had over 200 starters that surprisingly took well so we really wanted to get them into the ground as they were too big for their pots.  The challenge was there was no former vegetable gardens on the property, and we also were mindful to avoid any rash decisions in where and how we were going to build “The Potager”.

While we would have liked to have had some more knowledge to best plan out the configuration we were limited on time and so we really just had to get the plants into the ground.  After lengthy discussion and wandering about the yard, we opted to build the garden in a location that was level, and close to the house with all day sun.

Essentially, while the house was teeming with chaos and boxes what did we do?  We didn’t do what most reasonable folk would do – oh no- we decided to built “The Potager” in just under a week!!!