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Warning: Graphic Content – Fight 4 A Family. We Demand Justice!

Our world is facing untold dangers. The fragile order and peace of our society face constant threats, and even the tiniest of pressure could shatter it into pieces. And even if our world is able to prevent such a disaster, the common attacks and burglaries committed by thugs and criminals will not simply go away.

The shadows of violence are always present in our world, and luck is the only force that keeps its presence away from you.

But what if your luck dissipates?

What if one day the gods are no longer helping you and a group of thugs start taunting you and your wife or child on a dark and lonely night? What are you going to do to protect those you love against ruthless criminals who would be willing to commit even infanticide only to put their hands on a couple of dollars?

Do you feel prepared?

Do you think that the life of your loved ones is secured against a group of burglars in the middle of the night?

If you hesitate to answer, and if you feel the dread and anxiety swirling in your chest, the Fight 4 Family guide of John Hartman was written exactly for you. Watch the video below:



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1 comment

Chris October 26, 2021 at 8:47 pm

These stories are contradictory to say the least. One reports how female will lock us up and exterminate.
Next one describes how deep state is being methodically dismantled.
Is it one or the other? Exact opposite treports that would only make sense as a disinformation campaign


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