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Who will Die within the first twenty-four hours from a CME or EMP attack when the energy pulse fries all electronic circuits and brings down the power grid?

In the first 24 hours, hundreds of thousands of Americans will die within minutes of the burst.  The very first to die will be passengers aboard the hundreds of commercial jets and aircraft that are flying across the U.S. At any given time, they will fall from the sky crashing into who knows what.  Patients in hospitals who are being kept alive by any type of medical life support equipment will die, i.e.: Defibrillators, Dialysis, Drug infusion pumps, Pace makers, Patient monitors, Ventilators, etc.

You will see people walking around, some in a daze wondering what has happened and what is going on. Some of these people will not be able to comprehend the reality of the moment or what has happened for several hours to several days.

People will find nothing working, no communications, no transportation, and no utilities.  Most people will think it is just a blackout and that the power will come back on within a few hours.

Very few folks will realize it is more than a blackout and start to really worry.

Due to the unknown permanent blackout conditions, burglars, home invaders,muggers, rapist, thieves, etc. will start to take advantage of the situation.  With all security systems down, there will be more break-ins, home invasions, and violent attacks with more people being killed for their wealth.

Foods and medicines in refrigerators will start to go bad when the temperature starts to rise.  People will be looking for ice to keep their food and medicines from spoiling, especially diabetics with their insulin.  With no water pumps working, all bottled water will disappear from shelves.

I have seen what are called “Blackout Parties” when people get together and pull the food out of their refrigerator, to keep it from spoiling, and have a street pot-luck with flashlights and lanterns.  The participants are taking bets on when the lights will come back on, if they only knew.

Overall, during this first twenty-four hour period, people will not realize the extent of the problem and have no idea how soon things are going to get really bad.  The majority of Americans will be just waiting for the power to come back on.


Who Will Die Within the First 48 Hours?

Who will die within the first forty-eight hours from a CME or EMP attack when the energy pulse fries all electronic circuits and brings down the power grid?

By the second day, some people will start to realize something is not quite right.  These people will start to panic by gathering as much food, water, and other supplies as possible. These will be early signs of panic-buying. Without the electricity, any stores that are still open will accept “Cash Only”because all ATM’s are down.  People who do not carry cash will get extremely upset, some will become violent to steal what they need.

Others will still be blinded waiting for the power to come back on.With no emergency services, fires will burn out of control killing more people.  Local law enforcement will have their hands extremely full taking care of the increased levels of crime.  With the extended permanent blackout, more people will continue dying from gang related home invasions, killings, muggings, rapes, robberies, and vandalism.  Others will continue dying from medical issues and lack of surgery.  Still, others will continue dying from cold or heat related issues.

The elderly and people who are extremely overweight or obese will have a very difficult time getting around without public transportation or their motorized wheelchairs, and this will produce excess stress.  You will start to see more people having heart attacks and dying because of no emergency services (EMS).

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More people will start to worry more when all their refrigerated food not prepared will continue to rot and spoil.  Garbage and trash will start to accumulate along street screating very unhealthy and very unsanitary conditions with putrid odors getting worse.  Medicines not kept at the proper temperature will also continue to spoil.

People who work in hospitals and nursing homes will start to leave their jobs to walk home, especially after working for over twenty-four to thirty-six hours strait without any sleep.

With no replacement staff, more patients will suffer and die.Panicky people will be flocking to local grocery stores buying up more food and liquids, and they will go to hardware stores buying up candles and lanterns.  With the majority of all water bottles gone, people with buy up every single bottle and can of beer, flavored waters, juice, liquor, soda pop, and wine they can get their hands on.

Drug stores and pharmacies will start to see a drastic increase of people coming in to get their prescriptions filled.  With all computers down, pharmacists will not be able to fill the majority of proscriptions because there will be no doctor’s records. 

This will make some people become violent and want to steal want they need.  In this case, more people will die.

Due to our society going cashless, pawn stores that are still open will defiantly see gun sales increasing, and people will be seen pawning whatever they can get their hands on to trade for some protection due to the increase in crime.  You will also see more armed citizens guarding their businesses and homes.

There will be some people that can see and know what is going on, and they will be leaving town ahead of the masses.  These people’s adaptability and resourcefulness will give them a much better chance of surviving. 

Who Will Die Within the First 72 Hours?

Who will Die within the first seventy-two hours from a CME or EMP attack when the energy pulse fries all electronic circuits and brings down the power grid?

Within the first 72 hours, millions of people nationwide will be in full panic mode, involved in panic looting instead of panic buying, and stripping food shelves clean along with other items like candles,generators, lanterns, water, etc. needed for survival.  When there is no more food or water available, people will start forming gangs and going out of their minds not thinking straight.Do not be one of the people that freezes and is overcome by fear—you need to move smartly if you want to survive.How to make a Generator at home.CLICK HERE

You will defiantly see full blown anarchy, crime waves, drug wars, gang warfare, home invasions, lawlessness, lootings, race wars, rape gangs, robberies, etc.

There will be hundreds to thousands more dying depending on the size of the city or town you live in.

Things will get very, very ugly very quickly from this point on.  People who also realize what is happening and do not want to deal with the aftermath will start to commit suicide, thus thousands more dead.

Families, parents, and single moms with babies and toddlers will have a very difficult time finding and stocking up on diapers and formula.  Diaper rash will become a major problem and with crying babies that can easily put parents in danger giving their location away to gangs when in hiding.

People will start killing their neighbors or relatives for their food and water.  The majority of law enforcement personnel will have to abandon their duty positions to go home and take care of their own families.  With up to ninety percent of law enforcement personnel no longer on duty, people will have free rein to commit any crime they want without retaliation or retribution.

With a drastic increase of extremely violent crimes, including murders, gang rapes, and home invasions, will go ballistic.  Fires will also continue to burn out of control burning entire blocks. Hundreds of thousands more people will die nationwide.  The majority will die in the larger cities and towns.

People from all walks of life and all ages will come together and form gangs to forage, loot, and pillage for resources.  Some of these will become sexual predators attacking, raping, and murdering their victims, and age is not a factor.  This does not count all the escapees from jails and prisons out for revenge and sexual relief.  Some will form rape gangs numbering over two dozen taking turns with their victims.


There are extremely deranged and very sick individuals out there known as sexual predators that will do the unimaginable and the unthinkable to their victims.

I have seen what these perverted individuals have done to both preteens, teen girls, and women of all ages who have come into the field aid stations or field hospitals.Some victims were still alive but were brain dead from what was done to them.

Any single females living alone or mother and daughters living alone or with another female roommate will be targeted, so ladies be warned and get prepared.

Who Will Die Within the First 90 Days?

Looking back, the average American family has only a three to seven day supply of food in their pantry.  The average American is so used to the convenience of just stopping by their local grocery store to pick up something to cook for supper, but the only food in the grocery stores is what is on the shelves.

Without these daily shipments of incoming truckloads of supplies, the shelves would quickly empty.  With the trucks not running and waves of panic buyers/looters, shelves will be empty in only a few hours.  If a family gets lucky, they might get a week’s worth of food, which would only good for the short term.

Over the next several days, hundreds of thousands more people will die due to the extreme violence from gangs of arsonist, druggies, home invasions, looters, murderers, rapist, thieves, and escaped prisoners looking for food and water.  Fires will be burning for days to weeks, destroying entire blocks and neighborhoods.

The largest cities here in the U.S. and around the world will be the worse places to be during and after a mega disaster like this.  In the U.S., there are ten cities with a population of over one million. 

From three plus days out, hundreds of thousands to millions will start to mass evacuate out of the cities into the surrounding country sides to forage for food, water, and shelter.  This will be a particular death trap for the surrounding population in the suburbs and small town communities within a hundred mile radius.

This exodus will include a very high number of ordinary law abiding people with a very strong mix of druggies, gang members, rapist, thieves, murderers, and every type of low life’s imaginable.  The main evacuation routes will be along major interstate and state highways.  Any location within at least a fifty mile border of these highways will be an unsafe zone.

Everywhere you go, most people will have to walk.  The majority of people don’t have the proper foot wear and will start to get blisters.  This will be a major hindrance in traveling and survival.

The larger the city, the worse it will be.  Over a very short amount time, this will work down to smaller cities then towns.  Any city or town of a population of at least fifty thousand will be at a very high risk in the short term.  Cities and towns from fifty thousand down to ten thousand will be also at high risk, just at a lesser degree.  With the below map, the darker the area, the worse it will be, and the lighter the area, the safer it will be.

Within a month, money will start to lose its value.  The only currency that will maintain any value will be gold and silver coins.  However, bartering will be the norm from now on.  Single woman of all ages will start to barter/sell themselves for a meal and a night’s security.  STD’s will start to spread wildly through certain portions of the population.  With no medication, more people will be very susceptible to the drastic increases of disease.

Within ninety days, people will see horrors unmanageable in today’s society with MILLIONS of dead bodies all across the U.S.  Famine and starvation will turn into cannibalism and will be one of the worst horrors.

Diseases and plagues will be next due to the very unsanitary living conditions and the stench from decomposing bodies.  Other people will still continue to be in denial on what is really happening all around them, and that denial will cost them their lives.

People will not be able to comprehend the magnitude of the disaster like this happening here in the U.S.Overseas?

Yes, but here in the U.S.? Never. 

Being complacent like this will only lead their deaths.  By the time these people wake to the reality around them, it will be too late for them.

Homelessness will cover at least a very large percent of the population, especially in the east and the west coast.  More people will die from the elements because they do not know any basic survival skills. 

Tent cities and shanty towns will be popping up everywhere.  These places are one of the very last places you will want to be.  These places will have very unhealthy and very unsanitary living conditions resulting in unnecessary sickness and a major breeding ground for a wide variety of diseases.

And within one year of an EMP attack, depending on where you live, anywhere from 75% to 95% percent of the population of the United States would be dead.  That can be up to 300 MILLION dead American men, women, and children with the major causes of death as diseases and starvation.

Within one year of a CME, up to SIX BILLION worldwide could die.  With this many dead bodies lying around, the disease rate with the living will be extremely dangerous making it even more challenging to stay healthy and alive.

So what would that look like?Are you ready for that? Learn how planning ahead can help you protect your family, your home and your belongings in a dangerous time–Video Below


Who Will Live?

The people who will live and even thrive in a worse case scenario post disaster situation like a CME or an EMP attack will be people who are not arrogant, who are not complacent, who are not in denial, who are not gullible, who are not a narcissist and who will not rely on the government.

These are the people who are not blind to what is going in the world or around them.  These are people who do not believe everything they hear and see from the common media.

These are people who ask question and get the facts of what is really going on from multiple alternative sources.  People who are open minded and willing to adapt and change to their current situation and surroundings.  They are the people who will live and are also the people who plan ahead and PREPARE for the worst while hoping for the best.

These people see beyond what is really going on in the world and here in the U.S. They plan for what can happen from the results.  They look at all the possibilities that can happen, envision what the results can and will be, and plan and prepare to survive the results of them.

Planning and preparing for what can and will happen with both man-made and/or natural disasters is the way to survive a very uncertain future.These people also get informed on what is really happening around them by not listing to the very bias media but to alternative media and web sites.

They want the truth of what is really happening and will do the research to find it.  They network by talking to like-minded coworkers, family, friends, and survival group members for the latest updated information.

Also, people who are self reliant, who know how to live with mother earth, who know how to live off the grid, and who have a farm or ranch out in the country far away from populated areas will have the best chance of surviving.

When teaching my class, I’ve always strongly recommended that every person have at least a one year supply “minimum” of food, first aid supplies, a good water source, survival supplies, a pistol, a rifle or a 12ga shotgun, and at least 1000 rounds for each gun.  When all hell breaks loose, each person will need a way to protect themselves and their supplies, or their chances of dying will drastically increase.

Planning and preparing for an uncertain future is crucial in surviving. A question in surviving is to ask yourself:  How bad do I want to live and survive and why?


The choice is completely yours as to how to use (or ignorethis information.  One thing is certain: THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC.

But there may very well be a need to plan, AND PLAN FAST.

We urge you to plan, now.  If the past is any indication of the future, within about six or seven days, we will all know.

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