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Economists who have loudly and consistently predicted the onset of runaway inflation ever since the Fed launched “quantitative easing” have been completely wrong.

But there’s no denying that even a moderate rate of inflation destroys the value of money over the long term.

For a quick reminder of this, check out the “1938 cost of living” snapshot below. It was recently tweeted out by “Classic Pics.”

Harvard Tuition: $420 a year.

A gallon of gas: 10 cents.

Movie ticket: 25 cents

Postage stamp: 3 cents

Average income: $1,731 per year

House: $3,900

Yes, this was still in the middle of the Depression, when prices were low. But still.

It’s scary to invest in stocks, because you can lose a lot of money quickly. But over the long haul, stocks offer inflation protection, because companies pass price increases through to their customers.

If you just hoard cash for the long term, meanwhile, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose.

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A chilling conspiracy will wipe out 281 million Americans in the next 6 months.

The media has sworn a blood oath to keep it hushed, but you deserve to know the truth because in this treasonous agenda, you and your loved ones are the sacrificial lambs.

That’s why in this short presentation, I’m going to blow the lid off this twisted plot that has shocked even hardcore liberals because knowing this secret information will decide who will survive and who will perish when the sinister plot unravels.

You’ll discover the real secret reason why the US economy hasn’t “collapsed” yet, and EXACTLY WHEN the dollar will turn into dust and our streets into hell.

And if you stick with me till the end, I’ll also share with you the story of how a penniless, crippled senior survived and prospered through a 4 year economic armegeddon.

You will be SHOCKED when you see why others were BEGGING him to take their gold. And even though this might sound impossible now, once you read this presentation and do what it says you’ll discover exactly what to do to ensure that your loved ones are well-fed like a king when chaos reigns even though hungry mobs are roaming the streets, or breaking into homes desperately looking for food.

While the unprepared masses will see their guns taken away from them and their families shipped to some FEMA camp you’ll not only escape the terrible fate of most Americans but will be a hero to your family and to your neighborhood.

So that’s why, if you live off social security, currently stocked up with food, guns and ammo, or have a tingling suspicion that the government is plotting something sinister… Then you need to watch the video below:

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