Cannon Hinnant…Say His Name! Say It Again!

No one becomes a professional motivational speech writer overnight. The professionals that you see delivering motivational speeches have had years of training. But Jason Shipley is a man who wrote a motivational speech about Cannon Hinnant overnight. Jason, thank you for allowing me to publish these beautiful words on my site:

“The whole nation stood together in solidarity for the senseless death of George Floyd. So I’m curious, how many will stand together in solidarity & demand justice for the senseless murder of Cannon Hinnant?

Did 5 year old Cannon’s life not matter?

He was 5 years old. He was white. This past Sunday he was riding his bike in front of his house & Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, a 25 year old black male, walked up shot & killed Cannon execution style in the head at point blank range.

A 5 year old white boy was shot in the face at point blank range and murdered by a 25 year old black male, on purpose, for no other reason than being white.

Did you read that?

A 5 year old white boy was shot in the face at point blank range and murdered by a 25 year old black male, on purpose, for no other reason than being white.

Why does one life matter so much it captures our nation but no one is talking about 5 year old Cannon?

I don’t want to look away. I hope you can’t.

I want to know why this little boy and this senseless murder is not just as important.

Who is going to paint “Cannon” on the side of a building? What National sports team is going to wearT-shirts with his name on them?

Every single person should be demanding justice for Cannon, the little 5 yr old boy who was murdered for no reason other than being white.

Think about that. Look at his face.

I’m so sick of hearing that only “Black Lives Matter”. The whole agenda is racism and I’m not going to feel guilty for being white or shut up when the same fucking thing is happening but no one is talking about it because the color of their skin doesn’t fit the agenda being pushed by the lunatic liberals and the mainstream media.

Delete me, unfriend me, on social media and in real life if you wish. It’s ok. I do not fucking care.

I’m standing up for Cannon Hinnant.


RIP little man! 🙏🙏🙏”

Editor’s note: Teach Your Children Self Defense!

To train or not to train? That is the loaded question. In a world with extreme conservative versus liberal views and a media that spins numbers with misleading statistics, you will find some varying passionate answers to this question. When should you start teaching kids to shoot?

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