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Directive 51: Fight For Your Freedom

Like Patrick Mony once said, “it’s not enough that officials cry every time a catastrophe happens. How many people need to die before they realize the problem.” Have you ever thought about it? Just how many people have to die while the experts do their assumptions? And how many are affected afterward?

No one can predict what the future holds. Anything could happen before we even realize, the least we could do is start preparing for the inevitable event. With that said, what will you choose to do if any natural catastrophe or turmoil happen?

You need to save yourself and your family from any possible dangers. That might work if the crisis isn’t persistent, however, in case if it lasts for days – what would you do?

You need a shelter for your family, you need food to feed them, and what about their security? Do you think they are safe from the intruders? The reality will hit you on the head, on the other hand, you’ll be too late to make a decision when it happens.

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