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The Greatest Secret Of The Millennium: Bucegi Mountain Alien Base And Tunnel System (video)

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The exact origin of the name “Bucegi” is disputed by philologists. “Buceag” or “bugeac” seems to be the source of the name, a word designating in the language of mountain people both the moss in the forest and the wilderness or the junipers.

The discovery in Romania

Colossal diplomatic pressures came from the United States of America and the Vatican on the Romanian Government to not disclose to the whole world this discovery and so it led to a temporary agreement between the Vatican, USA and Romania. The USA fast-tracked Romania into NATO [confirmed] and the Vatican gave the Romanian Government some very important documents relating to the countries past.

A Pentagon geodetic satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. The dams were made of artificial energy: the first was a wall that was blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. The whole tunnel-hemisphere was in a plane parallel to the ground, and the dam is vertical hemispherical corresponding rocks on the ridge called “Babele”. In fact, the vertical slope ended at about 40 meters between Babele and the Sphinx of Bucegi (Sfinxul from Bucegi).

The location of the alien base inside the ‘Masivul Bucegi’ mountain, Romania. Also, notice the locations of the Sphinx of Bucegi and the Babele monoliths above the alien base.

The Pentagon team noted that hemispherical energy barrier has the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as one another very secret underground structure that they had discovered before, near Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly after this discovery, the Iraqi war broke out and after a few months Americans had access to the biggest secret in the area, which the Iraqis knew nothing about.

They managed to drill past the first barrier but the second could not be bypassed. Anything that was thrown onto this barrier turned to dust and when soldiers got too close to the barrier they would collapse from a cardiac arrest. (How they got through is posted later in this thread) but once through they entered what was known as “the grand gallery”.

The wall inside the Grand Gallery seemed synthetic but also felt like something organic was part of it. It had the color of oil, but the reflections were green and even blue. At 280 feet, the gallery suddenly turned to the right in a sharp angle. At a greater distance a blue light was noticed, that sparkle like a star. The blue light at the end of the gallery was just the reflection of the protective shield of energy.

Tunnel and dome inside the Bucegi Mountains

In 2002, the Pentagon was running several military and geodesic programmes using satellites based on the above technology. The satellite spotted a particular structure located inside the Bucegi mountains.

The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. The blocks were made of artificial energy: the first was connected to a wall, a wall blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Massini acknowledged that there is something extremely important and was very well protected.

The people from the Pentagon couldn’t understand why the tunnel turned in a sort of zigzag pattern towards the central zone of the mountain, nor the significance of the twenty-six degree angle of the construction.

The structure was in a parallel plane with the ground and the semi-spherical energetic blockage was situated on the vertical corresponding to the ridge rocks called Babele. Actually, as our measurement based on the Pentagon data showed, the vertical was coming out at approximately forty meters from Babele, between it and the Bucegi’s Sphinx.

There are 4 primary tunnels and further sub tunnels that lead to deep underground places which you would have heard of.In these tunnels you will find rooms, huge rooms, with huge tables and stone chairs for people much, much taller than us.

The projection room contains all Romanian history and can be replayed visually.A table where you can perform holographic experiments with DNA, mix and match anything you wish and see what the results would be. These rooms were created at least 50,000 years ago and each is connected to each other, protected by a energy source which actives all as one is activated.

The locations are near the Sphinx in Egypt, Baghdad, Mount Kailash in Tibet and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. The inner tunnels lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia and, most importantly, to Antarctica.

This connects to WWII and the German Tibet expedition, Romania being fast-tracked into NATO, hollow earth, the eye above the pyramid and more.

Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world. At places like Guatemala in the South Americas, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the country.

Investigators remarked, it was possible to understand how half a million Mayan Indians escaped the decimation of their culture.

Romanian intelligence agents uncover secret alien headquarters

A team from the Romanian security services have uncovered what many people believe to be the top secret headquarters of alien beings deep inside the Bucegi Mountains.

The Romanian intelligence agents from a sector known as the Zero Department were led to the mountainous regions after a highly irregular tip from a source which said that there something huge that they needed to investigate as a matter of urgency. The agents scanned the Bucegi Mountains and were presented with some incredibly unusual readings. The mountains seemed to be emitting an unidentifiable energy source. In addition to that, there was a hollow region inside the very rock of the mountains despite the fact that there was no visible entry point.

The investigation then progressed with members of the Zero Department penetrating the mountain with laser cutters capable of slicing through the dense rock. After a great of gruelling work across the summer of 2003, the agents eventually managed to break into the mysterious hollow interior. What they discovered was quite literally out of this world.

The Zero Department personnel entered a room they have since termed ‘the Grand Gallery’. From there they discovered a projection room filled with material which strongly implied that an extra-terrestrial race was gathering information pertaining to the planet Earth. The agents found multiple documents relating to the life on planet Earth, with a particular focus on human beings. Some of the research seemed to suggest that the aliens were intensely interested in the make-up and human DNA and the potential for cross-breeding between themselves and human beings.

Given the enormity of this discovery, many people have been left wondering why it has not become the biggest news story of the century. The answer seems to lie in governmental intransigence to confirm that the discovery was made, and indeed, the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Romania’s Official Statement

When the U.S. diplomacy had been informed that Romania will disclose the discoveries, everything tuned into chaos. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House. Within hours, the U.S. blocked all financial transactions with Romania and its access to all other financial institutions. Romania was about to declareState of emergency” in the Bucegi Mountains and the capital.

The talks between the U.S. officials arrived in Bucharest and the Romanian Emergency Department took place without a translator. The U.S. officials were verbally violent, constantly shouting and uttering threats to Romania and its officials.

Romania’s official disclosure to the world would have provided photographic evidence and anything else essential for a complete clarification. Leading scientists and researchers from all over the planet were to be invited for in depth studies. But most importantly, it would have revealed the truth about mankind’s distant past and the real history .

The reaction of the U.S. government was so brutal because that disclosure would have shattered their global influence and power, in a instant.

The official reason cited by the U.S., was not to create panic in the world, but they had omitted to acknowledge that the current state of global anguish is a direct result of deliberate deceit and manipulation conducted by the Freemasonry and other secret societies, for millenia.

There was also an intervention from the Vatican (if you wonder how did the Vatican found out about this discovery, then you should know that they are at the very top of the world’s control pyramid, and their religious piety is merely a facade — read: The Darkest Secrets of the Vatican), in which the Pope (!) called for moderation before this great, fundamental, step for mankind.

The Pope promised to make certain documents available to the Romanian state from the ancient papal secret archives, which were of great importance for Romania. The documents were backing up the discoveries (yes, that’s how powerful a Pope is).

After 24 hours of negotiations, a final agreement occurred between Romania and the USA. The Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, and gradually present everything to the people.

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Mark G Graham March 15, 2021 at 5:19 am

Absolutely fascinating read. This really matches up to other rabbit hole discoveries. Very surprising that it was kept secret for nearly 20 more years. Just leads into the need to know so much more about the DUMBs, especially the world wide locations, not just those in the US. I can hardly wait until we begin to get the full pictures of the brave military members involved in saving children in those DUMBS.

Dragos June 25, 2022 at 4:33 pm

Wrong !!! No one could enter more than 12m inside. The 2 CIA members from an expedition are ash now. The israelian who wonted to make ray analising to the mountain has been crushed at once. All this are fairy tales. I’m living with this mountain about 70 years (7km) and i know all the details…if you want tales about, we have a lot…

Medeea Greere June 25, 2022 at 4:47 pm

Dragos, m-ar interesa povestile tale!

Dragos June 26, 2022 at 3:06 pm

Unde pot da mai multr relatii ??? Mesaj !!!


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