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Nostradamus 2021 Shocking Predictions – Nostradamus Prophecies That Came True

Nostradamus was born in Saint Rémy de Provence, southern France, on December 14th of 1503, and he was a famous French physician, cabalist, and pharmacist, best known for his book Les Prophéties, its first edition published in 1555. Nostradamus’ prophecies are expressed in verses, called quatrains. Many of his predictions, such as the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, and the Second World War, turned out to be accurate.

Nostradamus had written 6338 prophecies, many of them fulfilled. His prophecies cover a period reaching the year 3797. The secret of his predictions is not known. Nostradamus’ quatrains continue to fascinate the world, although they were written almost five centuries ago. Over 70% of his prophecies have fulfilled so far, and some of the most dreadful predictions are for the year 2021. Here are some of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2021:

1. Zombie Apocalypse

A Russian scientist will create a biological weapon and produce a virus that can turn humankind into zombies, and we will all be extinct in the near future.


“Few young people: half−dead to give a start. Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine, And in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed. Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she−monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.”

2. A Famine of Biblical Proportions

Nostradamus predicted that the first signs of the end of the world would be famine, earthquakes, different illnesses, and epidemics, which are already happening more frequently. The Coronavirus pandemic from 2020 represents the beginning of a series of unfavorable events, which will affect the world’s population.


The famine that lurks is one the world had never faced before. A catastrophe of huge proportions will throw us back in history, and a great part of the world population will not be able to overcome this curse.

“After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared, The Great Mover renews the ages: Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel, and plague, Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.”

Starting from 2020, after 248 years, Saturn in Capricorn united its forces with Pluto, which is also in Capricorn, in the remarkable conjunction that will change the fate of the world. Saturn in Capricorn is responsible for social hierarchies, state power, authority, functions, and status, and this is what the conjunction with Pluto, the planet of death, destruction, and reconstruction triggered.

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3. The Muslims will lead the world

“In the Danube and of the Rhine will come to drink .The great Camel, not repenting it: Those of the Rhone to tremble, and much more so those of the Loire. And near the Alps, the Cock will ruin him.”


The “camel” is the Arab population that lives all over Europe, especially in France and Germany, or the wave of immigrants that is currently at the door of our continent. Also, the demography experts warn that the Muslims will conquer the EU in the next decades without having to fire a single gun. On the one hand, due to the great number of Muslim immigrants and refugees and, on the other hand, due to Europeans having fewer and fewer children.

Because of French discord and negligence An opening shall be given to the Mohammedans. The land and sea of Siena will be soaked in blood, And the port of Marseilles covered with ships and sails.

“Because of French discord and negligence. An opening shall be given to the Mohammedans. The land and sea of Siena will be soaked in blood.And the port of Marseilles covered with ships and sails.”

4. Solar Storms

2021 will be quite a significant year in terms of major global events. Great solar storms will take place, which could cause some major damages to the earth.

Nostradamus supposedly warned:

„We shall see the water rising and the earth falling under it”.

The harmful effects of the climatic changes will then lead to many wars and conflicts, as the world will fight over resources, and mass migration will follow.

5. A Comet will hit the Earth or it will come very close to Terra

This event will cause earthquakes and other natural disasters, which can be concluded from the quatrain:


Nostradamus supposedly warned:

“In the sky, one sees fire and a long trail of sparks”.

Other interpretations of this quatrain assert that it refers to a great asteroid that will hit the Earth.

Once it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, the asteroid will heat up, appearing in the sky like a great fire.

NASA announced that a huge asteroid is likely to hit the Earth in the next years after the American agency emits alerts daily, only this time, it is something more serious.

An asteroid called 2009 KF1 has chances to hit the Earth on May 6th of 2021, the NASA coming to this conclusion, following analyzes regarding its trajectory.

NASA claims that this asteroid has the power to hit the Earth with the equivalent of 230 kilotons of TNT explosive force, which means 15 times more than the nuclear bomb detonated by Americans over Hiroshima in 1945.

6. A Devastating Earthquake Will Destroy California

According to the interpretation of a quatrain written by Nostradamus, an extremely powerful seism will destroy California in 2021.

Nostradamus predicts that a great earthquake will hit the New World (“the western lands”), and California is the logical place where it might happen. According to the astrologers, “Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading”, the following date when the planets Mars and Saturn will be in this position on the sky will be on November 25th of 2021. Nostradamus’ quatrain:

“The sloping park, great calamity, Through the Lands of the West and Lombardy ,The fire in the ship, plague, and captivity; Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading.”

7. The American Soldiers Will Have Brain Chip Implants

The American soldiers will be turned into a kind of cyborgs, at least at the brain level, to save the human race.

This chip should offer us the necessary digital intelligence to progress beyond the limits of biological intelligence. This could mean that we will incorporate artificial intelligence into our bodies and brains.

“The newly made one will lead the army, Almost cut off up to near the bank: Help from the Milanais elite straining, The Duke deprived of his eyes in Milan in an iron cage.”

8. Pope Francis Will Bring People Closer to the Church

Regardless of how many years Pope Francis will remain the leader of the Catholic Church, he will leave behind a gracious and deeply impressive legacy. The Church will become a “lifeboat” for more and more people.

“We need to take care of everyone, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important, the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and those in prison”, said Pope Francis.

9.War In Eastern Ukraine Escalates May Become WORLD WAR III

“Near to the Rhine from the Noric mountains, far too late, a great one of the people will be born; who will defend Sarmatia and the Hungarians, of whom one will not know what became of him.”

There are actually two dangerous periods in 2021 for events to quickly evolve into World War III in Europe: the seventh year anniversary of the beginning of the Russian invasion and war in eastern Ukraine in February 2021 … a war that still rages … and a possible mega-revolution in Russia and Germany that may also involve Ukraine and other adjacent regions like Hungary and Poland in October 2021 (see further down).

Already the pandemic prophesied by Anton Johansson to occur one year prior to World War III is now raging worldwide, infecting millions, and forcing countries like Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US to go into an indefinite lockdown.

​The escalating confrontation between Israel and Iran being fought in Syria, and at times in Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Golan, Gaza, and Sinai, which began in early 2019 as predicted, as well as the ongoing Saudi-Iranian conflict in Yemen that has periodically dragged in Iraq and the United States … these two are now merging in 2020 to form the great Middle East War that Nostradamus, Alois Irlmaier, the Seer of Waldviertel, and Erna Stieglitz all agree will be in progress when World War III is triggered in Europe by Russia.

In addition, also ongoing, there will be huge naval confrontations between certain NATO countries such as the UK and France, the United States, Russia, Libya, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Iran in the eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

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Time and again, Nostradamus links unrest, revolution, and civil wars to two countries in particular which will see confrontation between the US and Russia: Hungary and Ukraine. Now that Hungary has become a dictatorship under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (thanks to the plague COVID-19), it is only a matter of time before revolution breaks out in that country and pits the two nuclear superpowers against each other “in the field.”


“A prophet is properly speaking one, who sees distant things through a natural knowledge of all creatures. And it can happen that the prophet bringing about the perfect light of prophecy may make manifest things both human and divine.”

(Nostradamus in a letter to his son, Cesar) Nostradamus’ quatrains include many disturbing predictions.

Based both on the knowledge of Nostradamus as a human being, and the dangerous era he lived, the nine prophecies of 2021 reveal fragments of what the alchemist predicted for our world.

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Colonel Robert Ferrell Cunningham February 19, 2021 at 7:52 pm

Puppy doo !!!

Quoting Nostradamus WITHOUT Century and Quatrain as reference is then and there irrefutable KRAPOLA !!!

Alex33 May 12, 2021 at 5:30 am

Quatrain Century II – 65
Le parc enclin grande calamité,
Par l’Hesperie & Insubre fera,
Le feu en nef, peste & captiuité,
Mercure en l’arc, Saturne fenera.

The sloping park great calamity
To be done through Hesperia and Insubria:
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity,
Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn Fading.

The third line is mistranslated all over the web. Proper: “The fire in the nave, plague and captivity,” The fire was in the nave of Notre-Dame in April 2019. The same year plague and captivity (lock-down).

Korey Hurl May 16, 2021 at 1:28 pm

This was awesome! I would like you to clean up all this spam though

Ken E June 9, 2021 at 5:08 pm

Well, none of this information should disregarded or the translator chided! None of us today were in Nostradamus mind (of revelations), therefore, we need to spend a little more time to build on the (translation) work that’s already been done. It is not easy to FULLY and COMPREHENSIVELY translate old idioms or code words, especially when the source is trying hard to ensure the message is transmitted. Nostradamus did his part! Today, we need to convene a commission of well known (competent and apolitical) scholars and scientists/physicists to examine/study the Quatrains that relate to the current times; come up with a viable and consensual set of interpretation that can help governments around the world to prepare for what’s to ensue. If the COVID-19 is any example, we can see that there is worse to come! Skepticism has no place in the discussion. Best to go with the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” You know the thief is coming in the early afternoon. Will you get pissed off after they’re done hauling away all your possessions? Whose negligence was it then?

A bon entendeur, salut!


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