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Secret Underwater Military Base: Diego Garcia – A Black Project Military Base With Secrets To Hide (video)

Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is the most famous, less known is the camp in Bagram, Afghanistan. And almost nothing is known about Diego Garcia… 

-Diego Garcia is a 17 sq. mile horseshoe-shaped atoll in the Indian Ocean’s Chagos Archipelago. It has a tropical climate with thick jungles and white sand beaches.

-The island’s value is its strategic location between East Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, making it a vital asset for supplying US naval forces and projecting air power into Asia and the Middle East.

-During the Cold War, Britain agreed to lease Diego Garcia to the American military for the construction of a naval base on the island.

-To make way for the base some 2,000 native Chagossians were forcibly removed from the island by the British government between 1968 and 1973. The islanders have since sued unsuccessfully for the right to return home.

-An estimated 3,000-5,000 military and civilian personnel now live on Diego Garcia, most of them American and British.

The US military base on the island of Diego Garcia (aka Camp Justice aka ) and owned by the UK is one of the most strategically located and secretive U.S. military installations outside the United States.

It is known as a top-secret CIA prison where terror suspects are interrogated and tortured. Diego Garcia’s history includes disclosures by Washington insiders, military strategists, and exiled islanders, as well as hundreds of declassified documents.

Investigators long suspected the island was a clandestine CIA “black site” for high-profile detainees, although actions of the US and UK Military have been so covert that proof is not so easy to find, until now. The official name of the base is British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) Diego Garcia is thought to be the most environmentally pristine atolls in the world. The official name of the military base is Camp Thunder Cove.

“Today, the main island of Diego Garcia is America’s largest military base in the world, outside the US. There are more than 4,000 troops, two bomber runways, thirty warships and a satellite spy station. The Pentagon calls it an “indispensable platform” for policing the world. It was used as a launch pad for the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq”.

In 2007, the Pentagon granted a $32 million contract to add a submarine base to the island’s existing dock.

This small cluster of atolls was once home to some 2,000 Chagossians who had lived there for generations. The most populated island is Diego Garcia whose resident islanders lived by working the coconut plantations, farming on small plots of land, and fishing for lobster.

In 1966, the UK and the US implemented a joint military strategy and the archipelago was leased to the US for 50 years, until 2016. The purpose was to build a US military base on Diego Garcia. Although no money was ever received by the UK government, documents reveal that the US gave the UK a $14 million discount on the purchase of missiles.

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However, the big problem with this plan was that the islands were already inhabited. The UK government expelled the islanders by force. The 50 year lease expires in 2016, which meant the exiled residents could now return to the island of Diego Garcia.

As if the story could not get any more evil, it took another sinester turn in 2010 when the UK government established a marine protected area (MPA) around the islands claiming that there would cease to be “”human footprints” or “Man Fridays” on the islands moving forward. This has also fostered a rare alliance between environmentalists and the U.S. military.

On the Chagos Reservation Trust website , an organization that is dedicated to the protection of the reserve, it is made clear that human inhabitants are not welcome.

So what are they saying? Are they actually trying to have us believe that an island taken over by the US Military 2 decades ago with an airfield capable of handling nuclear bombers and a seaport where supplies for much of the region are stored aboard pre-positioned ships is suddenly concerned with “human footprint” on the environment? Really?

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Does it ever end?

According to a 2009 classified memo circulated internally in London, an official insisted that the establishment of a marine park — the world’s largest — would in no way impinge on [US Government] use of the archipelago, including Diego Garcia, for military purposes. He said that the former inhabitants would find it difficult, if not impossible, to pursue their claim for resettlement on the islands if the entire Chagos archipelago were a marine reserve.

The summary paragraph of the memo clearly dictates the intent of the MPA which states:

“HMG would like to establish a “marine park” or “reserve” providing comprehensive environmental protection to the reefs and waters of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) official informed Polcouns on May 12. The official insisted that the establishment of a marine park — the world’s largest — would in no way impinge on USG use of the BIOT, including Diego Garcia, for military purposes.

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He agreed that the UK and U.S. should carefully negotiate the details of the marine reserve to assure that U.S. interests were safeguarded and the strategic value of BIOT was upheld. He said that the BIOT’s former inhabitants would find it difficult, if not impossible, to pursue their claim for resettlement on the islands if the entire Chagos Archipelago were a marine reserve.”

The Chagossians used the cable for a high court application to order a judicial review of the government’s decision to create the MPA. They argued that the cable revealed the government’s true motives for creating the MPA; to prevent the islanders from returning home.

Keep in mind that British officials forcibly expelled approximately 2,000 Mauritians living in Chagos to make way for American military installations. The UK has stated that the Chagos will be returned to Mauritius once the islands are no longer required for defense purposes. Again the lease expires in 2016.

Regarding the occupation of the US Military’s “footprint”? Does it apply?

The last time I checked, the military was made up of flesh and blood; in other words, ‘men and women’. This “Marine Reserve Concept” is not only utterly absurd, it’s a clear and unfortunate example of how ruling countries misuse their power to force themselves on smaller less powerful countries; and for the record, it’s called stealing. It is also What do the people have to say?

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The people of Diego Garcia have spoken!

“Great Britain and the United States should do honor to their status as great powers and sit down with us to negotiate a formal, legal transfer of sovereignty.”

In March of 2014 , The Chagos Refugee Group whose mission is to to provide help and support to refugees from Chagos Archipelago in Mauritius and the Seychelles Islands, Crawley and other parts of the United Kingdom and to promote their welfare and protect their interests, publicly addressed the issue by stating:

“For years, Great Britain has repeatedly used its power and influence to stymie the peaceful resolution of this dispute. In 2012, Mauritius announced that it would leave the Commonwealth if necessary in order to take the Chagos issue before the International Court of Justice. But the UK immediately amended its declaration relating to the jurisdiction of the Court so that the ICJ would not have mandatory jurisdiction if a case was brought against it.

In 2010, Britain declared a Marine Protected Area around the archipelago, and in response Mauritius initiated proceedings against the UK under Annex 7 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The African Union and Non-Aligned Movement have expressed unanimous support for Mauritius over the Chagos issue.

Now is the time to do the right thing and begin negotiations over the return of the Chagos Archipelago to its rightful owner, the Republic of Mauritius. The era of colonialism is over. Russia’s actions in Crimea are a searing reminder that the international community will no longer tolerate the forceful subjugation of weaker states by their more powerful neighbors.

Mauritius is acting responsibly, consistent with recognized international norms, to resolve this dispute peacefully. The West has the opportunity to match its words with deeds. Great Britain and the United States should do honor to their status as great powers and sit down with us to negotiate a formal, legal transfer of sovereignty.”

Washington has no interest in being the subject of protracted challenges against the legality of the territory on which it maintains a vital military facility. As a close ally and strategic partner, Mauritius will continue to provide full access and basing rights to the United States on Diego Garcia.

By accepting Mauritian sovereignty, the UK will not prejudice its position with respect to other colonial territories, nor will it prejudice the “defense purposes” by which it justifies its continued occupation of the islands.

Diego Garcia Facts

-Diego Garcia is governed by the British UK represents the Territory internationally. Local government does not exist.

-The administration is represented in the Territory by the Officer commanding British Forces on Diego Garcia, the “Brit Rep”. (administered by a commissioner, resident in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London)

-Laws and regulations are promulgated by the Commissioner and enforced in the BIOT by Brit Rep.

-CIA Information from the CIA’s website:

-No known regular military forces exist on Diego Garcia(2014)

-Short of a major change in how we hold the state accountable, it will continue to conveniently lose evidence showing its part in serious abuses, and our political “watchdogs” will continue to be either unable or too useless to do anything about it.

-The lease for the US Military expires in 2016

-In 2004, the UK applied for, and received, RAMSAR SITE wetlands conservation status for the lagoon and other waters of Diego Garcia. In other words, the US declared it a wetlands conservatory.

-On 1 April 2010, the UK Cabinet declared the Chagos Archipelago a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and prohibited all extractive industry, including fishing and oil and gas exploration. It is unclear whether Diego Garcia is included in the MPA.

-The US Military has spent Billions of dollars (to date) on this secret military facility

-Defense is the responsibility of the UK; the US lease on Diego Garcia expires in 2016.Diego Garcia is hiding in plain sight. 

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Note: This is an obvious violation of HUMAN RIGHTS . But the story does not end here. *Why would the UK and US military want to completely isolate these islands by removing all humans and inhabitants under the guise of environmental issues that currently do not even exist in Diego Garcia?

Here is where the story takes a hard left.

Question: What are they really hiding?

Answer: Possible Alien technology: Strange Facilities Under the Sea on the island of Diego Garcia.

-Diego Garcia harbors more than one secret, some reports claim that the military is harboring an underwater base that allegedly utilizes alien technology.

-There seems to be photographic evidence of the existence of under water bases as well.


“There’s a certain amount of logistical difficulty” with ultra-remote facilities like Diego Garcia, and shipping materials can be costly. Diego Garcia’s remoteness, though, allows it to be a key hub for tracking satellites, and it is one of five monitoring stations for GPS. Additionally, the island is one of only a handful of locations equipped with a Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance system for tracking objects in deep space. As an atoll, the land itself is rather oddly shaped, too. From end to end, Diego Garcia is 34 miles long, but its total area is only 11 square miles.” ~Shultz

Evidence to support Schultz’s statement includes Diego Garcia’s affiliation with the 22d Space Operations Squadron (22 SOPS) which develops, publishes, executes, and enforces the network operations tasking order, as well as operating and maintaining worldwide remote tracking stations and associated communications systems comprising the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN).

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It additionally coordinates launch and on-orbit operations of Department of Defense and other national agencies’ satellites in support of war fighters, the President, and the Secretary of Defense.

In addition, the base is supported by the 18th Space Control Squadron (18 SPCS) which is a a space surveillance unit, and lastly, the squadron supports NASA‘s space mission.

Could this be the location in which many of the Underwater UFO’s or USO’s (Unidentified Submerged Object) have been stored and from whence some of the USO sightings are originating ?

Note: One of the private contractors for Diego Garcia Military complex is a manufacturer by the name of Alion Science. Interesting name isn’t it?

-December 04, 2014 Alion Awarded $4.5M Contract to Support Air Force Research Laboratory with Research and Development of Software-Based, Wireless Communications Systems

-September 30, 2014 Alion Awarded $34 Million Navy Contract to Support Platforms, Sensors and Launch Systems

-July 30, 2014 Alion Launches Risk Assessment Solution for the Chemical Industry Based on Technology Developed for DHS

NOTE: Birth of the Black Budget

“In 1947, the National Security Act created the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Organization (CIA) and consolidated the US military into one entity, the Department of Defense (DoD). One of the issues that remained unresolved from the creation and operation of the CIA was the extent to which its budget and intelligence activities would remain a secret. According to Article 1, sec. 9, of the US Constitution,

“No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law; and a regular statement and account of receipts and expenditures of all public money shall be published from time to time.”

This constitutional requirement conflicted with the need for secrecy concerning Congressional appropriations for the CIA. The solution was for Congress to pass legislation approving the secrecy over the funding mechanisms used for the CIA and its intelligence related activities.

The necessary bill was passed with great haste and minimal debate causing considerable concern among those few Congressmen brave enough to openly challenge the constitutionality of the Act. Congressman Emmanuel Celler of New York voted for the bill but protested:

“If the members of the Armed Services Committee can hear the detailed information to support this bill, why can’t the entire membership? Are they the ‘Brahmins’ and we the ‘ untouchables’?

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Secrecy is the answer.

If you’ve got the money, the time, the power and the ingenuity at your fingertips, why not take over an island of your own? In the privacy of your own home, you could build an off world craft using reverse engineering, fly back and forth to the moon with your friends and family, and no one would ever know! You could call it BS, Baracuda Space.(Or in this case, Diego Garcia.)

The on going targeting of extraterrestrial vehicles by exotic weapons systems is certainly a major cause for concern, so play nice kids!

Diego Garcia Facts: Seven Things You Didn’t Know:

1.Diego Garcia is technically part of the UK, located on the content of Asia and part of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The US were granted permission to use the island as a military base in 1966 in exchange for cancelling a $14 million British debt for a military hardware purchase. Diego Garcia is now home to around 4,000 military personnel and support staff in 654 buildings.

2.Diego Garcia is the site of an ancient volcano. However, it has now been reduced to a horseshoe-shaped coral reef, with a perimeter of approximately 40 miles and a maximum elevation of 22 feet. It stretches for 15 miles, north to south, and about 35 miles from tip to tip of its horseshoe shape.

3.According to the 2009 book ‘Island of Shame’, when the US Navy took control of Diego Garcia it forcibly removed its 2,000 inhabitants, sending them to Mauritius and the Seychelles, where they were left on the docks, with no money and no housing, to fend for themselves. Prior to their departure their pet dogs were rounded up and gassed, their bodies were burned in front of their eyes.

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4.As well as the network of GPS satellites, there are just five ground antennas the world that assist the operation of the Global Positioning System, and one of those antennas is located on Diego Garcia.

5.Retired United States Army General Barry McCaffrey twice made claims that Diego Garcia is the site of a secret US prison camp.

These rumours could be routed in claims of credible evidence exists supporting allegations that ships serving as black sites have used Diego Garcia as a base. However, in 2004, the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw stated that US government had repeatedly assured him that no detainees had passed in transit or been held on Diego Garcia.

6.The island was a major launch pad for the US attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. The island is home to some of the US’s most deadly planes, including B-52s, B-1Bs and B-2 bombers. In 2007, the Pentagon granted a $32 million contract to add a submarine base to the island’s existing dock.

7.Conspiracy theorist made wild claims, that missing Malaysian flight MH370 was landed on the more than adequate runway of Diego Garcia. A freelance journalist claims to have received a photo via text message from an MH370 passenger calling himself Phillip Wood. Data contained with in the black iPhone photo contained GPS information which placed Wood on the island.

The internet was quick to quash these claims offering the more likely explanation that the photo is a fake. The question of whether the plane was landed on the island was asked in a White House press conference, press secretary Jay Carney simply answered “I’ll rule that one out.”

When the elite of the World start preparing for doomsday, that is a very troubling sign. And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before.

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