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U.S. Funded Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine – A Bombshell Documentary From 2018 Exposes the US Biolabs in Ukraine!

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A bombshell 2018 documentary by Al Mayadeen exposes the secret U.S. funded Biolabs using dangerous pathogens in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. The MSM and the US government claim this is Russian disinformation.

The documentary confirmed Russian allegations of Pentagon-backed biolab facilities on its borders.

Warning: Graphic Content. The US is Facing The BIGGEST Threat Of The Century. . . Video below:

US specialists were given diplomatic immunity to smuggle blood samples and deadly dangerous pathogens in their diplomatic bags!

Multiple patents of drones releasing modified and infected insects here sand flies to spread these deadly and non-lethal genetically engineered pathogens!

All documents and evidence available!

Preparing for a Biological Weapons Attack:


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1 comment

Enoch April 1, 2022 at 1:06 am

Who would ever had thought that our own government would do such heinous things such as this? These people are vile and evil! The actions this government has taken is worthy enough to fall under the “Nuremberg Code.” Since the end of WWII, this nation has become one of the most dangerous and diabolical nation’s in history. The Nazi’s would envy us. This nation has fallen.


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