Month : September 2019

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Putin Warns:Western Governments Are Destroying The Planet With Chemtrails For Control And Profit-VIDEO

Medeea Greere
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Western governments of geo-manipulation of the Earth’s environment through chemical spraying operations designed to alter the world’s climate and...
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Major Cascadia Earthquake Risk Intensifies – Cascadia Subduction Zone a Ticking Time Bomb

Medeea Greere
All Pacific Northwest Earthquakes Around the Cascadia Subduction Zone From 1979 to Now. One of the most ‘terrifying’ disasters in the offing is a Cascadia...

A Cancer-Linked Chemical Has Been Found In Heartburn Medications. Here’s What You Need to Know

Medeea Greere
The FDA says this is the same cancer-linked chemical found previously in blood pressure medications. [wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]BxoNIg-twz8[/wpdevart_youtube] The Food and Drug Administration announced that...