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The Underground War, Happening Now …Deep Underground Military Bases

Medeea Greere
    Below is the New decode on the DUMB system & under Earth War. For most of Humanity this Under Earth Network defies the...
Economy Collapse FEMA News Politics War

America Is Ready For Medical Martial Law: It’s Not About a VIRUS, It’s About Taking Away Our Freedom !

Medeea Greere
Wake up, people! [wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]RkxTXx0O42w[/wpdevart_youtube] The Corona Virus is not what you should fear but the measures being taken by our governments by using...
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Americans “Computerized” by FEMA | Operation Dragnet : The United Nations’ Pitfall

Medeea Greere
AMERICANS “COMPUTERIZED” BY FEMA [wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]2QP9hJAFC3c[/wpdevart_youtube] Fort Meade, Maryland is the government’s most tightly guarded installation (it houses, among others, the secret National Security...