BREAKING : Deadly Viruses and Unknown Pathogens Stolen From University Freezer1 min read


Deadly viruses and pathogens of unknown origin have been stolen from a University at an laboratory in Venezuela. The possibility now exists of an UNCONTROLLABLE deadly virus outbreak. Info about the theft was CONCEALED for 5 days . . . .

An alert put out by University Doctors makes clear:

“The theft at the Universidad de Oriente, Núcleo Sucre, Cumaná, of a freezer from the Bacterial Resistance Laboratory, which contained strains of bacteria and other highly dangerous pathogens. This situation puts those who manipulate it at risk.”

Intelligence services say the University had samples of the Variola Virus which causes Smallpox.

Those sources also say the University has samples of  Y-Pestis,  Anthrax,  live  Polio, and certain strains of Flu known to be horribly contagious.

As soon as the samples thawed, if the containers were opened, the pathogens WILL have become airborne and infect anyone nearby. Depending upon the pathogen, uncontrollable spread of deadly disease is now possible.

This “NOTICE” was put out FIVE FULL DAYS AFTER THE THEFT . . . . meaning these pathogens are already now out in the wild.

Further details pending . . . check back for updates.

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