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Small round wooden houses seem to be part of our childhood stories. They are unrealistically beautiful and seem to be detached from imagination. This is the house that I have proposed to show you today.

The Gate Lodge is a small, upstairs round wooden house, covered veranda and balcony, crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The construction is handmade by a traditional method that uses top quality semicircular logs and timber floors. Round wood has its own unique beauty and personality, so the houses built with it are unique with its own beauty and style.

‘The Safest House in America’- Watch the video below:

As part of the project we have at the ground floor an open space with kitchen, dining room and a small living room and a bathroom. From here on a massive wood staircase you can climb upstairs where you will find two small but very chic bedrooms.

The appearance is a fairy tale with windows and small doors, a roofed alcove, a beautiful worked roof, windows with beautiful flowing flowers and assorted interior furniture made of logs or solid wood. Every detail is perfect and it’s hard not to like it. The large roof has several roles: it offers more living space, covers the veranda and protects the unfavorable climate logs. In addition, it adds an artistic value to the whole house.

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The cottage is beautiful not only on the outside, and inside we can find some of the finest wooden details. We find a comfortable living room perfect for conversation and social games. The bathroom is perfectly equipped with modern accessories.
The small balcony on the top floor is very picturesque. You can see the birds hanging on the wooden railing and playing at dawn.

House Plans:

Impressive, I would say! What do you think? I invite you to see the beautiful pictures in the video below:

Happy Inspiration!

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