Location Of US FEMA Concentration Camps – VIDEO1 min read


In this video, we will cover the growing number of Fema Prison Camps and Re-education centers in America; FEMA Trains, Barges, and Buses that will haul American Prisoners to these camps — and which companies are working side by side with Federal Agencies.

Over the last ten years, there have been over 800 prison camps discovered by American patriots. These Fema camps locations are fully stocked and ready to have prisoners shipped off to them. It has been very hard to find these locations because they are staffed with armed guards.

The “official” story behind the prison camps is that FEMA is building them to get ready for a earthquake. This is a complete lie!

These camps will be used once martial law is implemented in our country. It would only take the president or one of his many followers to put your name on a secret list.


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