PROTECTING THE BABIES: These Cute Babies From Thailand Got Mini-Face Shields to Protect Them From Coronavirus1 min read


These precious little ones are wearing tiny face shields made for newborns to protect them from the coronavirus while they’re in the nursery at Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn in central Thailand.♥

Yes, the world may seem like a terrible place to be in right now.

Nearly 3 billion people worldwide are under lockdowns or movement control orders as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 1 million people have been diagnosed with the virus itself, also known as COVID-19, and things generally aren’t looking too good.

But at the very least, we have one positive thing to look at now.

Babies looking cute while being dressed to defend themselves against COVID-19.
Paolo Hospital in Samut Prakan province of Thailand recently posted adorable pictures of babies in the delivery ward of the hospital all dressed up in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

“We have extra protection measures for little ones and friends, with face shield for newborns. So cute!” the hospital wrote on their Facebook post.

“Congratulations to all mothers and dads.”

And if you’re worried that the face shield may be uncomfortable for the little ones, fret not because it appears they’re all too busy snoozing to realize what’s on their heads.

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