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The raven and the wolf seem to coexist with a certain sense of harmony and understanding. The predator provides scavenging opportunities for the bird, and the bird may be welcome company on the coldest of nights.

The relationship between the wolf and raven is the stuff of myths and legends for Native Americans and other groups around the world.

Both Raven and Wolf were important spiritual figures to these cultures. Among the Norse, to see a wolf and raven together was a good omen for success in an upcoming battle.

The Cree use the relationship between wolves and ravens to explain the creation of the earth:

“When all the land was covered with water, the trickster Wisagatcak pulled up some trees and made a raft. On it, he collected many kinds of animals swimming in the waters.

The Raven left the raft, flying for a whole day, and saw no land, so Wisagatcak called Wolf to help. Wolf ran around and around the raft with a ball of moss in his mouth.

The moss grew, and earth formed on it. It spread on the raft and kept on growing until it made the whole world. This is how the Earth was created.”

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What Is The Meaning Of Love ? What is love?

Coming from someone who has experienced love, being in love, heartbreak, and falling out of love, I feel I have found a good senses on what love actually means. Love is a word that is easily tossed from person to person.

Growing up Disney taught us that love and true love is one in the same, but there is a vast difference between loving someone and truly being in love with them.


Love is an unrestricted pledge between two imperfect people. It’s much more than just a feeling; it’s commitment, devotion, and an ultimate promise.

True love is to infinity and knows no end. This kind of love lifts you up in a twister and continuously spins you around; it’s something you can’t ever break free from.

It’s something you never want to break free from.

Love means feeling more at home with someone than you ever have in your entire life.

Love means patience. It’s knowing your partner may need a little extra space at times.

Love means going over to their place at any given time even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Love means knowing the phrase “I’ll be here with you every step of the way,” can never be over used.

Love means singing together at the top of your lungs in the car.

Love means having dinner ready when you know your partner had a tough day at work.(sorry)

Love means remembering that your partner is worth fighting for.

Love means doing absolutely nothing, and being perfectly content.

Love means that “I’m here for you” smile.:)

Love means knowing your partners weakness, but never taking advantage of it.

Love means waking up a little early in the morning to get the coffee started before he or she wakes up.

Love means listening to your partner as they tell you about the little details of their workday.

Love means waiting in the parking lot of a restaurant for them to text you back because you don’t want to get anything without them.

Love means understanding that you may see a side of them that they don’t really like.

Love means always reassuring your partner that you appreciate them.

Love means going on road trips and experiencing new adventures together.

Love means devoting a night a week, where you both are in the company of just each other with no phones, and no distractions.

Love means going to walk the beach at sunset, and pretending to push each other in the water.

Love means being at a family party, seeing your partner across the room, and winking at them with that “I see you,I want you” smirk.

Love means sitting down and actually talking through an argument before it hits that lashing out at each other phase.

Love means remembering important dates, and events when it slips your partners mind.

Love is being one together, but still being able to go out for a guys night or a girls night.

Love means building each other up and never allowing the other person to feel unwanted. It’s about becoming each other’s best friend and conquering the world as a team.

Love means knowing you always have someone to count on. It’s being motivated to become the best version of you.

It’s knowing you’ll always have someone by your side.

Love means you’ll always be fully accepted.

Happy birthday! Your life is just about to pick up speed and blast off into the stratosphere. Wear a seat belt and be sure to enjoy the journey. Happy birthday,again!

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