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What If the Canary Island, La Palma Mega Tsunami Actually Happened? (video 4 m)

The steady earthquakes on the island show a sign of a volcano eruption might take place on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands any day now.

This is a very steep island in the Atlantic that has had a major collapse of land masses in the past that caused tsunamis that traveled across the Atlantic ocean.

Experts say if it happens again, the wave would take about 7-9 hours to reach the eastern coast of the US. The wave would be apx. 30 meters high, or 100 feet. It would go inland about 25 miles. It would wipe out all coastal cities from Florida to Maine with a death toll of 40 million or more.

One of the indications of an impending eruption is the sign of helium 3 coming out of the ground in a volcanic area, and this has been reported by volcano experts monitoring the volcano. At this time the earthquakes have been up to 3.9 magnitude at an apx. depth of 7 kilometers and getting shallower everyday.

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Hal Turner was the first to report on this after he received a phone call on his emergency phone at 2 am in the morning. He is retired from the FBI and this phone line is only connected to active FBI insiders. They detailed the situation and provided the links and detailed the genuine risk assessment. Later he was contacted by a supporter that told him there was a group of “agents” from a Middle Eastern country that is an ally of the US – and they were there taking part in “undisclosed operations” involving the volcano.

Considering past experience with covert operations done by agents on false flag events, it makes a person wonder if a nation or a secret organization would exploit a natural disaster event to make an attack on a target nation. If the volcano erupted, along with an earthquake, and the flank of the mountain, slid into the deep ocean, it is quite possible that it would create the mega tsunami that scientists have warned us about for years. It could do major damage to a nation, killing millions, as if they were attacked militarily, but who would be able to identify the enemy? How could the US prove an attack took place?

In addition to that, tsunami torpedo bombs are now developed by enemy nations that could mimic a natural event, or have bombs placed into drill holes on the volcano mountain already.

There is no way an average citizen would know this might happen. But because of the real possibility and risk of this being exploited – as the earthquakes are increasing, it is necessary to at least sound a warning so people can be better prepared.

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Karlos September 19, 2021 at 9:54 pm

The volcano is now erupting. Be careful America east coast!!

Gnosto September 30, 2021 at 6:50 pm

Awareness of live situation – safe place for whistleblower and citizen theorists – updates on risk to East Coast of Canada and USA


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