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Blackout USA: What Would Happen in an Apocalyptic Blackout?

“Darkest Days” is a survival guide that was created by Professor Charles Green and Alec Deacon and released to the public. The course has generated plenty of interest, so that is why I wanted to review the program and report on my findings as far as how it compared with other similar guides that are available in the marketplace.

You are probably aware already how important it is to be prepared to be able to survive in the event that any disaster hits, whether it is man-made or natural.

There are numerous very intelligent individuals who have come to this very same conclusion after recent events that have taken place like the Ebola epidemic, China, Russia, Iran, threats from terrorists and the rise of ISIS.

All of these issues have a very real chance of spiraling out of control which could result in the complete breakdown of our society. Video Below:


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