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Call Me Stormy: Clones, Doubles, Trannies, Deep State, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Great Reset and More…

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Call Me Stormy: Clones, Doubles and Trannies:

Are the leaders and entertainers we trust in top levels of government and the entertainment world not really who they purport to be?

Are we being hoodwinked by clones, doubles and trannies?

Join me on a rabbit-hole collection of memes, ideas, photographs and evidence from the corrupt and sinister Illuminati/freemasons, 13 bloodlines and Deep State in their perilous journey to bring about The Great Reset.

You will see evidence that will blow your mind and leave questions unanswered.

Is Hillary Clinton still with us, or are we witnessing one of her many clones?

The same can be asked about Barack Obama, The Royal Family, Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau, Adam Schiff, Madonna, Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, among many others.

It’s a journey through reality and speculation.One that will leave you both questioning reality and existence.

In the video:




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