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Home Doctor – Why You Should Put Garlic in Your Ear Before Going to Sleep

An old book I bought recently holds some very interesting information you might want to know about.

Besides turning into my go-to book whenever I have a health problem, you’ll find some interesting things like:

*Why you should put garlic in your ear before going to sleep 


*What happens when you pour salt into a cabbage

*The Most Powerful Natural Painkiller That Works Like Morphine That You Can Make at Home

Basically, “The Lost Book of Remedies” is over 300-pages of our forefathers’ most powerful natural cures that have been lost to history.

When medicines will vanish, you’ll need this on your bookshelf.
Some of them are the cures and homemade remedies our grandparents used when we were children to nurse us back to health.

Others can help us heal as we’re moving into our senior years and health problems begin to creep up.

And you don’t need to be an herbalist to use it.

In fact, “The Lost Book of Remedies” was made for common folk with no previous plant knowledge.

It will allow you to turn your backyard weeds into painkillers, antibiotics and many more forgotten but highly effective remedies.

In times of crisis, this book will probably end up saving many American lives.

When medicines will vanish, you’ll need this on your bookshelf!

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